Mateo Paz ft. Asmik Shiroyan – “Lift Me Up”

Mateusz Paz is a Polish DJ, currently resident at Stars’n’bars (UAE) and also a music producer, known professionally as Mateo Paz. His first big performance was in 2009 where he performed at Sensation (Wicked Wonderland) in Poland. He also performed in the Polish edition of “Must Be the Music”. Mateo first entered the charts with his remix for Danny Darko which ranked #4 on the Beatport Top 10. Not long after, he remixed Terri Bjerre, HSR, Vonny & Clyde track “Feel So Real” which was released on Universal MENA. He teamed up with Armenian singer Asmik Shiroyan to produce ”Mine Alone” in 2017, as well as the follow-up single, ”Looking for Sunlight”.

His “Gain” radio show gets a national airplay every week on Radio Kielce Poland and is also featured on Mixcloud. At the end of the 2017, he produced a single with Grammy nominated Eddie Amador, and also with singer Kwanza Jones, which found its way onto the Billboard Top 20 chart.

There’s something thrilling about listening to a record by a producer who has the all the skills to conquer EDM and already feels like he wants to push boundaries. That’s the sensation you get listening to his latest single – Mateo Paz ft. Asmik Shiroyan – “Lift Me Up”.

For every heart-racing, fist-pumping bar, there’s a reflective one to counter it, easily ticking the boxes for the premium beats of crossover EDM and Pop. The track has an immense depth and musicianship that only helps lift the genre one notch higher. And when you throw in the sultry and soulful vocals of Asmik Shiroyan, you can move the entire project another notch up.

Mateo Paz demands listeners’ attention as he shows a mastery of arrangement and range of melody that most electronic performers do not grasp – let alone possess. He takes his audience on an EDM vision quest that ventures everywhere from silent to soaring.

Very little of this recording feels forced or present for its own sake; there seems to be meaning behind every thump, finger-snap and riser. Mateo takes the hallmarks of EDM production – a huge melody, synth blasts, a distinctive beat—and translates them to the aural universe that is able to move beyond the big room.

Mateo Paz’s aim here was to write a good, original EDM record, and it’s safe to say he smashed it. Born in 86 Mateo has already matured and blossomed into a refined producer, concerned as much with better musicality and melody, as he is with festivals and club DJing.

“Lift Me Up” ft. Asmik Shiroyan, not only showcases and consolidates Mateo Paz’s musical identity, but also promises a number of directions he may yet explore. His commitment to his music has yielded a very impressive single, leaving us even more excited for what may come next.


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