Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule – “Tilted Gravity”

The Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule project began to take shape in 2021, when talented guitarist Marko and drummer Fabio were seeking other musicians committed to playing a technical progressive metal with a modern sound. The duo approach took off in March 2022, after they realized they had the same goal in mind with a similar taste for aesthetic and sound. In just a couple of weeks they were able to record and produce their first track, “Light of Transparency” which can be considered as a manifesto to their musical approach. Marko and Fabio are both experienced musicians with a long history of playing in many bands and projects during the last twenty years.

Marko Celesty

Like all the great heavyweight fighters of the universe and beyond, Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule land a knockout punch in the first round with their debut single “Light Of Transparency” and never look back.

Its core ingredients – Marko Celesty’s fluent skylark guitar melodies and keyboard coloring, his hypersonic shredding embellishments and bone-crushing riffs, plus Fabio Bule’s explosive, everything-including-the-kitchen-sink drumming – are separable from each other yet all part of one gigantic, multi-tempoed, earthquake-inducing whole.

The duo then adds in the supple, fleet-fingered and pulsating spine of guest bass player Michael LePond from Symphony X , for a triumphant tidal wave of color, notes and timbres. On “Light Of Transparency”, the project’s avant-garde side is fully revealed by their interpretation of a blend of progressive rock and modern metal with a strong cinematic flair.

Here Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule tear it apart over the course of 5 minutes, throwing away the instruction manual and proceeding to rebuild each part into their own hybrid style.

Fabio Bule

“Light Of Transparency” is a roller coaster and is chock-full of memorable melodies, riffs and rhythms. It’s a showcase of Marko Celesty’s ability to dance with chord progressions, which gets you ready for the onslaught to come in each section.

When the full band comes in after the cinematic introduction, it is absolute groove inducing, with fully saturated bass, juicy guitar lines and thundering drums leading the way. It definitely grabs your attention from the start, and never let’s go until the end.  Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule shred up their instruments on this track with such precision and technicality that you are left in awe

The latest single, “Tilted Gravity” is an up-and-down number that throws exquisitely guitar-driven sections off the duo’s crushing intrumental combination. It’s an awesome piece that alternately ascends and descends with each passing minute before the atmosphere builds to a series of mighty shredding climaxes from Celesty. The result is epic and phenomenal, as Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule barrel extravagantly through the arrangement.

“Tilted Gravity” is not just an instrumental track with wicked playing.  The composition is strong enough to make the track rise well above similar projects. The melodic and tonal sensibilities of Celesty in particular really keep the song grounded, in a way that even lay people can enjoy.

Together, Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule create a challenging sound but one with enough hooks that anyone can get into it. The sonics are huge, but when the layers are peeled back, you can hear everything clearly.

Unwaveringly complex, and like an immediate rush of adrenaline, “Tilted Gravity” boasts some of Bule’s best-ever technical drumming, complete with Celesty’s incendiary elastic guitar, which moves from eloquently clean, to a blistering barrage of crushing overdrive.

It is a concentration of skill, technique and creativity. Expectations are set unreasonably high when fans of progressive rock or metal encounter a new project on the block. However, it can be said that Marko Celesty & Fabio Bule don’t only meet those expectations with their latest releases, they abundantly exceed them.


Marko Celesty
Fabio Bule

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