Praised for their “…excellent production, sonic guitars, powerful vocals, strong and powerful sound” (House of Music, London FM Digital, UK), [man among men] is a band hailing from Pheonix, Arizona that specializes in fusing rock, alternative, hardcore, metal, pop, funk, psychedelic, and arena rock music traits into an awe inspiring original package never heard before. Comprised of a charismatic cast of characters and virtuosos, [man among men] features the stylings of Andres Hernandez on true temperament guitar necks, Chris Knocke on six-string fretless bass guitar, Chris Peeler on drums, Benjamin Gilley on the fretless bass and a five-string true temperament bass necks tuned to 432HZ at A Standard.

Never to be limited to convention, the roles and instrumentation often fluctuates but always features their signature true temperament and fretless influenced sound. Unafraid of expression, Andres writes lyrics that broach upon everything from controversial topics, resonating with realities we face everyday, to personal experiences and how they relate. He put a firm lens over the world, magnifying solutions for the root of problems that are oppressed and manipulated in our corporate media-controlled world.

Known for their powerful musicality, badass sound, and moving artistry, they’re grateful to have had their music played internationally on radio stations and to have garnered a steadily growing fanbase from all across the planet. Production for [man among men] is led by Andres Ramos Hernandez, Chris Knocke, Chris Peeler, Ben Gilly, and Larry Elyea at the helm as Master Recording Engineer and Production.

If you’d like to keep up with [man among men] on their rise to the top then you can follow them on TikTok (@cf.manamongmen), Instagram (@cf.manamongmen), Snapchat (@manamongmen), Linkedin, Facebook (Cf. man among men), Tumblr, and Youtube ([man among men]). Another way you can support [man among men]’s journey to top the national and international charts is by checking out their merch store and bandcamp. Music is available for streaming on all platforms, and direct links can be found below.

For business and press inquiries please reach out at

The EP – The Experiencing Process of Rediscovery – followed by the LP – 01

Connect with [man among men]:…/man-among-men-man-among-men

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