Lyndon Rivers – “Why Don’t You Stay”

Let’s get it out of the way now and address this fact, as all Lyndon Rivers reviews will almost be obligated to do. The Australian based producer’s latest offerings mark an evolution of Lyndon into a more slick, confident and musically mature machine. They serve as reminders that Rivers is not to be underestimated, or simply defined by style and genre. His mixes have gone from an endearing mish-mash of brilliant oddities to straightforward dancefloor bangers, and everything else in between. His latest single “Why Don’t You Stay” is the product of a producer that has found mainstream direction.

If this is the ground that can be covered in a mere couple of years, then Lyndon Rivers is well on its way to becoming a pop and EDM powerhouse. An infectious, emotion-driven blend of perfectly timed instruments and flawless vocals, “Why Don’t You Stay” is the track to add to your chill-groove playlist and maybe put on repeat, too. Lots of tropical keys, flutes and sophisticated percussion gives the record a smooth, crisp, and organic sound.

It’s impossible not to be captivated by the mid-tempo sultriness of “Why Don’t You Stay”. It is a sublime track. I was blown away by the originality, the depth, and the way in which the arrangement evolves.

You really have to listen to it from start to finish, to get just how good it is, which I’ve done on many occasions. The elements that make up the track are ingenious and the way it remains understated is masterful. The track is definitely the most pop focused of Lyndon Rivers’ single instalments.

The song has both easygoing pop-sounding verses and drops that have a carefree underbelly texture, while the mesmerizing female vocals effortlessly fit into each section. “Why Don’t You Stay” kind of feels like the teaser to more of Lyndon Rivers’ future experiments with his sound and the continued honing of his versatility.  Overall, the song is a testament to everything that Lyndon has accomplished thus far and his endeavor to bring more of his diversity to his fans.

A part of why I think EDM music is so amazing is because it has the flexibility within its own genre to be whatever genre it wants to be, and none more than Lyndon Rivers knows how to take advantage of that elasticity, as he switches templates on almost each release.

Though restrained, with “Why Don’t You Stay”, your body instantly has an unconscious urge to bob and sway. Whether it creates an instantaneous rush of longing or a sense of nostalgia, the experience serves as an awakening.

Lyndon Rivers’ tracks have always been emotionally filled, with great vocals, and plenty of energy to either chill or get the party started. “Why Don’t You Stay” has made us, once again, fans of his creative mind and take on EDM. Lyndon Rivers perfects his craft in a meticulously impressive manner. He is steadily becoming a staple of the underground EDM scene.


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