Lyndon Rivers – “Where I Wanna Go”

So what genre does Lyndon Rivers? Disco? House? Techno? Pop? To be honest, there is a real mix of all these genres and more stuck somewhere in his catalog. While he is hard to summarize down to any one genre, there is still plenty that defines the Lyndon Rivers sound. His considered use of the percussive pallet has contributed to distinctive Rivers sound. It seems Lyndon instinctively knows when to drop a tightly quantized high hat, a rolling bass kick, a shuffling off-kilter snare, or not even use a beat at all. It is often the space between the sonics that gives so many of his tracks that distinctive haunting quality.

But more than anything, it is the strong vocal presences running throughout his catalog that ties it all together. From the consistent use of sampling to the many collaborations, the recurring vocal elements create an organic feel to his music that gets under your skin. His ability to twist and shape vocal samples, creates a unifying instrument that is both entertaining and lingering.

With his latest single, “Where I Wanna Go”, we have another remarkably confident release from an artist who is carving out his own sound and bringing people along for the ride. Rivers is an interesting artist. His music’s gorgeous sheen, often accompanied by easy vocal pop melodies, is hard to resist, and never lack flair or originality. Here he features a stunning voice, which builds an eclectic vocal blend.

Furthermore, the drums are used sparingly, as Rivers draws his percussive core from the bass lines and horns stabs. He takes familiar ideas and puts them through his own gauntlet of effects and concepts. The muscular editing and tonal shifts between smooth and gritty, mashes up the two sides of Lyndon Rivers.

There are moments when the synthesizers, bass and drums mellow out to give the listener a break of sorts, and Rivers fills those gaps with the attention-grabbing vocal melodies. “Where I Wanna Go” combines captivating brass with energetic bass lines and synths, which create a sense of Lyndon Rivers experimenting and expressing himself.

Thanks to this vocal choices, and his broad range of influences, which form the track’s consistent backbone, Lyndon’s signature sound is allowed to speak for itself. For just under four and a half minutes these elemental forces coexist, as one swoops and dives into the other. It’s an interplay that sets the tone both aesthetically and structurally for the track.

This unadulterated musical release is one that really showcases the incredible production talents of Lyndon Rivers, in painting a truly vibrant picture through his own sound. The sheer notion that Lyndon has the confidence to keep releasing creative singles that mutate his musical template each time, proves that this is a man who cares about maintaining his creative process.

Moreover, the undisputed quality of this work indicates that his talents just keep flourishing. Yet, “Where I Wanna Go” is just another workout for an artist that’s more than proven himself on multiple occasions.



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