Lyndon Rivers – “Wait All Night”

Few projects released this year have opened with a sound as remarkably of the here and now as “Wait All Night” by Lyndon Rivers. It is both radio pop and EDM dancefloor friendly, two qualities that have come to define the Australian producer’s body of work as a whole but particularly this extremely refreshing and light-footed release. Similar to his last solo release, this well-crafted single immediately opens up to the ear, at once more accessible and more mature than anything he’s put his name to since his debut.

“Wait All Night” opens with a set of ascending and descending basslines buoyed by insistent drums, and a gritty but mellifluous male vocal. It’s not long before the festival size synths plunge into the mix, only to retreat again and allow the vocals to take the front seat alongside the rolling basslines and ever-present but thoughtful percussion. There is no doubt Lyndon Rivers has produced one heck of a track.

By song’s end it has added a diversity of other variations, turning the whole enterprise into a proper production shakedown, before vanishing as quickly as it congealed together. Another highlight of “Wait All Night” is the track being punctuated by the appearance of another one of today’s more invigorating underground singing talents.

This is something producer Lyndon Rivers has paid particular attention to in his recent releases, as he continues to feature great under the radar singers who you’ve probably never heard of just yet. “Wait All Night” is another prime example of this, with a singer who would do just as well singing rock and pop, as he does performing EDM.

“Wait All Night” is a truly exceptional work of production; the moment, a third through the track, when the sonic aesthetic fades out entirely only to be replaced with a wholly new one, featuring rich synth pads, only to be replaced again by the previous sonic vibe straight after, is a masterstroke of subverting expectations. It once again shows what Lyndon Rivers can accomplish when he sets his mind to it.

Lyndon Rivers obviously takes chances with the production, letting the resonant synthesizers wave in and out of the song, giving it more of a alt-pop sound in the quieter sections. The pockets left by the departure of the synths are filled by the vocals which are conducted beautifully. Rivers continually takes the listener on a roller-coaster ride, with high- and low-energy segments flowing together like water.

The question always is: “So what genre does Lyndon Rivers produce?” To be honest, there is a real mix of many genres and more in his music catalog. While he is hard to summarize down to one single genre, there is still plenty that defines the Lyndon Rivers sound. His considered rhythmic aesthetic. His use of both retro and modern synths. But more than anything, it is the strong will to break boundaries in his productions. His songs never stay in one place too long., exactly like “Wait All Night”.


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