Lyndon Rivers – “Save The World” ft. Jovanni Occomy

Even before the release of any of his groundbreaking and eclectic mixes, we all knew that Lyndon Rivers was going to be something very special. With a flurry of standalone singles to his name, we could tell that his sound and affinity for music was unlike anything we had heard before, giving him a truly unique aesthetic that bled firmly into his initial release. With his latest release “Save The World” ft. Jovanni Occomy, Lyndon continues the same fresh and vibrant alternative EDM direction we have always loved from him.

Much like most of Lyndon’s previous work, “Save The World” ft. Jovanni Occomy is a record that puts just as much inspiration into its instrumental additions as it does on its collaboration. With its rich crossover Pop, Indie and EDM style remaining a constant throughout this release, Lyndon return looks to make just as much of an impact as he did on any of his songs. He is still firmly fixed to his core sound, but hearing more of this bold and expressive production just reminds us of what a sheer talent he is, when he steps outside of the box.

“Save The World” ft. Jovanni Occomy is, above all else, a fleshed-out crossover record. The beat is built from the drums up and each layer – from groovy baselines to bouncy synths – adds a delicious level of complexity. In addition to their complexity, the loops are extremely tight.

The final layer of Lyndon Rivers’ music is the voice. He is well-known for recruiting a wildly eclectic mix of vocal talent. This record features the likes Jovanni Occomy, and talent is not an understatement.

Lyndon Rivers obviously cares a great deal about observing the world and the afflicting issues that develop within in it. Hence this track makes an outright appeal to save the world. Something we desperately need to do, considering the disastrous direction it is heading into now.

With each release, Lyndon Rivers’ music has only grown richer and more complex. His music, no matter the style, is at once, effortless and creative, and has a way of pulling you into its orbit.

“Save The World” ft. Jovanni Occomy continues to set up the Australian based Englishman, as someone carving out his niche. He’s an artist with diverse taste and a wide knowledge of music, and the raw talent to work those influences into a unique sound.

Lyndon Rivers, seems to have no interest in wasting your time. Every sound he puts in front of the next feels wholeheartedly intentional, and transitions between tones in the track seamlessly, while Jovanni Occomy, is a singer with the perfect vocals to match the flow and theme of the song.

Lyndon Rivers seemed to know what he wanted to accomplish with “Save The World” ft. Jovanni Occomy, and he created exactly that!


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