Lyndon Rivers – “Our Love”

“Our Love” might be Lyndon Rivers’ best track. Let’s just state that at the outset. It’s dramatic, action-packed, wraps up its narrative and provides closure at the end. It’s mature, grounded and with the benefit of hindsight, bolsters the caliber of Lyndon’s previous records. This is a stunning electro-pop record, principally because of its narrative arc and complete cohesion. The vocals explode in glassy shards, giving texture and energy beyond what the song’s smoldering mix even seems to allow. Making the female vocalist, probably the finest feature choice Producer Lyndon Rivers has made thus far. Comforting yet challenging strands of atmospheric electronic music claws at a deeper level of consciousness.

The musical dexterity Lyndon Rivers wields with ease on “Our Love”, is enough alone to make this a record of note. Within the heart pull of strings and the voice, it shares the same entrancing nature of all great pop songs, where the sweetest of melodies has something to say.

The record is largely indebted to the successful sound of sun-kissed pop acts, where the vocals lead the way with a star performance. The alluring delivery adds an understated wantonness, evoking an electric desire, with lyrics such as: “Our love was wild and free. Our love was what they talk about in movies.”

The vocalist’s tone is sensual on a track which totally bangs with its chorus, and suggests the transition to purer pop may have been a move in the right direction for Lyndon Rivers.

“Our Love” melds a world of EDM and Pop, once again showing Lyndon as a producer who isn’t confined by the genre’s constraints or expectations, but more so a shining paragon of what it can progress towards. Throughout its electrified latticework of shuttering techno and pop interludes, the single nods towards a select few producers who are re-shaping dance music. Lyndon makes sure his name is consistently on that list.

In his inventive approach, we always see Lyndon Rivers never overreaching or settling, but rather organically melding an array of styles into one unified piece. His ability to transition from club-fueled cuts to pop chart material remains absolute.

Even as Rivers achieves subtle pop anthem status on “Our Love”, he constructs its moments rather thoughtfully, never once venturing into areas of trite cliché, leaning instead on clever and creative build-up-and-break models as opposed to the go-to standards. With oscillating bass and drum sounds like embers crackling and succumbing to a flame, the song’s core is backed with distant, angelic synths that sit carefully under the hood.

Lyndon Rivers works his magic on “Our Love” – what’s seemingly a straightforward track is met by his ability to manipulate its frequencies as he bends and submerges the synths. It’s these types of minor shifts that essentially blossom into grander moments and ideas that are found tucked inside the song’s belly, and this is largely what sparks a lot of its intrigue.

Here, we observe Lyndon widening his musical scope by lessening it, and capturing the forms of vocal light as a nascent force. This is what it takes to rebrand and revolutionize the electronic dance music scene.


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