Lyndon Rivers – “Love Got You”

With all of his releases, Lyndon Rivers has established himself as a producer with a well-defined creative sensibility. It’s sample and loop heavy and for all of Lyndon’s digital chops, the production still feels analog: The synths shake and the drums snap. His tracks are dance and orientated, rhythmic, confident, always keeping you in perpetual motion, no matter what might be happening around you. Rivers uses vocalists as an additional instrument. The lyrics seem to function more as pure sound for him than anything else; he values the tones of words, maybe even above their meanings.

On his latest single, “Love Got You”, Lyndon Rivers demonstrates the vision required to carry a diverse, slower sound, working subtle horn structures into the song that allows him to keep the momentum steady without losing the balladry feeling the track transmits. It’s a flexible, ever-moving record that could have come from no one else, but Lyndon. It’s a blend of old-fashioned skill, and his ability to create EDM that can function as pop, soul or even jazz.

River’s work thrives on sequencing, the placing of details that drive you to listen to all of his songs every time you press play. Which is to say, building a track like this requires an alternate vision of rhythm from an EDM producer. Lyndon also has a perfect ear for collaborations, and “Love Got You” features both a familiar and fresh voice.

As always, his singing guest complements his production without overpowering or upstaging it. “Love Got You” reflects the producer’s signature fusion of entrancing sounds and signature soulful bounce, albeit much slower this time around. You can always tell a Lyndon Rivers song, no matter who is singing on it.

EDM is a music genre that has grown over the past decade. A sound that started off as upbeat and suited for festivals and raves has evolved to have many diverse elements. With our attention span constantly reducing, and a plethora of music literally at our fingerprints, producers have had to fine tune their crafts to reach out above the noise.

What stands strong in any genre is the diversity artists bring to the table. Lyndon Rivers is a producer that fits perfectly into this group of creatives. Interestingly enough, he’s been making electronic music seriously since 2010, which has been ample time to develop and master his craft.

As an underground artist, he has infused key elements into his music that make him shine out. EDM, more than every other genre, is ever evolving. With technology always improving and sound becoming more digital, there are no limits to its growth, and subsequently to what Lyndon Rivers can produce. There is a richness to the entirety of his work, which improves in leaps and bounds, as we move forward through his catalog.

“Love Got You” reflects yet another evolution in the Lyndon Rivers sound. Put on this track and spend three and a half minutes inside the mindset of a creative who is establishing himself as one of the most improved and exciting underground producers around.


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