Lyndon Rivers – “Feeling Love”

The brand new single, “Feeling Love” by  Lyndon Rivers is a spectacular display of electro pop magic. The bouncing beat and throbbing bass are textbook Rivers, but the brightness of the higher synth lines and the general playfulness of the track prove that Lyndon has once again expanded his horizon quite a bit. As the vocal hook comes in with that diamond hi-hat swish and a luscious layer of shimmering keys float through your ears, a hazy bass line grooves right on through and sends chills down your spine. It’s as gorgeous a moment as Lyndon Rivers has ever created.

As major labels continue to exist behind the times, artists and labels with little capital and lesser reputations are producing some of the most innovative, interesting, and inspiring music. Whether it’s creating a new niche or looking to retread what seemed like obsolete musical formats, Lyndon Rivers hopes to pull back the curtain on a wealth of sounds both new and retro.

Lyndon has a penchant for the elaborate and bold, creating soundscapes that both dazzle and enchant with his talent poured into each track, and “Feeling Love” is no exception.

The culmination of years of trial and error have led to this definitive statement on his place in the musical frontier and the path he chooses to follow. It’s a deft blend of the new age of EDM, with more of the skillful pop melodies he’s carved across a smattering of looped pastiche.

The crowning achievement: how it all effortless blends together, not only from one song to the next in his catalog, but as pieces per composition, which is evident on “Feeling Love”. It’s a layered soundscape with depth and plenty of contrast, invoking a specific type of nostalgia for a pretty specific audience.

“Feeling Love’s” ultimate appeal is the unique feeling it leaves you with – akin to a dreamy recollection of a very special romantic moment. In line with the clever saccharine synthesizer-meddling of decades gone by, the track showcases the artist’s vivid musical palette, cranking up his immersive glitchery.

Lyndon Rivers has always been able to master the mood and tone for each of his tracks, adding an additional layer of substance that served to heighten the recording as a whole. He continues to grow with his latest single, “Feeling Love”, and the result is a spectacular showing of flair and style.

There is a large emphasis on composition and looping from the start, which makes this single a phenomenal continuation of the growth present on his previous releases.

Since he burst onto the scene Australian-based producer Lyndon Rivers has emerged as one of the most consistently solid and prolific producers of free-thinking electronic dance music. Rivers is out on his own, in a genre of one – taking the possibilities of his synthscapes and dance beats into uncharted territory.

“Feeling Love” shows us that the electronic dance music scene is always producing fresh tracks for us to chill out to, dance to, and just to get lost in.



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