Lyndon Rivers – “Feel Like Were Closer Baby” ft. Ryan Konline

Lyndon Rivers – “Feel Like Were Closer Baby” ft. Ryan Konline

Wednesday, 23 June 2021
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Lyndon Rivers takes everything out of his available equipment, on the single “Feel Like Were Closer Baby” ft. Ryan Konline, creating a soundtrack that will please modern EDM lovers and all 80’s synth-wave fans of mesmerizing, off kilter sounds. Drum machine and live kit grooves, epic arpeggios, interstellar synths, lush pads and emotive chords with murky 80’s pop sensibilities meld together to define the funky cinematic landscape.

It is inspired, deliriously seeping into your auditory system, incorporating layers of glossy imagery and bubbling synths. The evolving sounds exist on a whole other astral-plane, with masterfully sculptured sonic integrity, taking and harnessing, your mind. Raw synth bass sounds sit alongside the collection intense guitar riffs, and emotionally dynamic vocals by Ryan Konline.

It’s hard to describe the boundary-pushing-genre-bending-heights Feel Like Were Closer Baby” ft. Ryan Konline reaches. At once desperate, emotional and euphoric, as epic as it is dramatic. As bright as it is dark. Lyndon Rivers is able to bring in and out multiple layers on a whim, giving an abundance of sonic changes without losing momentum.

Utilizing a saw bass line as a menacing conduit of tension, the song keeps an ominous pulse, allowing the contrasting choruses to burst through the speaker, as the singer flips into falsetto. In fact, the track is also an example at how well the use of prominent vocals works in the genre. With the verses being handled perfectly by guest vocalist Ryan Konline, his performance becomes a layer within the track, building the sections to their explosive climax.

The track uses cycling melodies and modulating synths to sweep you away into the record’s landscape. This is more than just a bit of retro-futuristic fun, it is a lush and enjoyable listen throughout. The performance and production is immaculate.

Each warm echo of synthesizers builds up the song to its full potential. It avoids the pitfall of most electronic music of being too clinical and emotionless, instead it takes a much loved style and gives it a new lease of life.

Lyndon Rivers has quietly built himself into one of the world’s most prolific electronic music producers, coming out with new tunes on a more than regular basis. Each new release, finds Rivers in tip-top shape, even better than the time before.

The producer’s sonic palette is especially dense this time around with layer upon layer of retro synth sounds stacked upon one another and wrapped up in a modern production veneer that makes it all the more palatable. Feel Like Were Closer Baby” ft. Ryan Konline is Lyndon Rivers hitting his stride; this is what it sounds like when a producer is killing it.


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