Lyndon Rivers – “As The Seasons Go By”

The script for dance records can grow formulaic.  On the single “As The Seasons Go By”, Lyndon Rivers definitely follows the formula, but as usual he infuses it with his own sonic peculiarities, which works out splendidly for him.  The featured singer brings soulful goodness to the track with his pipes, while Rivers, brings the heat in the production department, all of which sounds like win-win situation.

As expected, Lyndon Rivers gives his ‘partner in crime’ a fitting backdrop.  The principle instrument during the verses is synth, which definitely matches the emotions the singer captures with the lyrics. In addition to the awesome keyboard work, there are other sounds that appear including beautiful pads, a rhythmic bass groove, and a dash of driving drums.

The backdrop picks up steam, adding waves of shimmering synths, while the chorus is where Lyndon Rivers is at his best and most energetic. “As The Seasons Go By”, is another example of the pop exploration the English-Australian Producer experiences from time to time. After his previous successful singles, this is another song that will make you dance and dream with rhythmic verve, without breaking the speakers.

For this single, Lyndon Rivers has looked again for a music partner and this time it is an extremely captivating male vocalist, who actually adds a true depth to the track, his vocals are silky smooth, powerfully resonant, and integrated perfectly.  “As The Seasons Go By” is a gorgeous synth-based banger that has a thoughtfulness about it rarely found in productions of today.

“As The Seasons Go By” embodies all that’s celebrated in dance music – an anthemic and uplifting melody, relatable and catchy lyrics, and the spirit of love and desire that unites us all on the dance floor. True to himself and his spanning production talents, Lyndon Rivers’ latest track is another indelible step forward. The song has a touch of cinematic and anthemic energy, something that shows through in most Rivers’ productions.

The variety of vocalists that Lyndon Rivers has used down the line in his career, proves that he is able to work with any type of artist. Rivers is steadily flourishing in a tricky industry as a result of his relentless work ethic in pursuing his dreams, developing his skills, and taking his audience on a musical ride like no other. Every month he pumps out a new creation, adding quantity to quality.

Lyndon Rivers is well equipped to lead by example that commitment, drive, and belief, empowers and drives your craft forward. Rivers makes cutting edge dance music for electronic enthusiasts around the globe. Often, his songs are beyond all boundaries when it comes down to style, as they usually move between electronic music and dance pop with experimental elements and a scent of warm melody.

It’s this balance between catchy house grooves and the elements of pop music that works wonders for Lyndon Rivers.


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