Lyndon Rivers – “All The Way”

Electronic Dance Music, or simply EDM, is a music genre that has skyrocketed during the past two decades. A sound that started off as suited for clubs, raves and festivals has evolved to infiltrate and be infiltrated by just about every other genre on the planet. With so much of this music at our fingertips creatives have had to fine tune their craft to reach above the noise of the masses. What manages to stand out in this genre, comes mainly from producers who embrace diversity. The English-born Australian producer, Lyndon Rivers, is an artist that fits perfectly under this umbrella.

Lyndon has been making music for a while now, and has had ample time to develop and master his craft. “All The Way” is his latest body of work, which mixes EDM with pop flavors. The track resonates with a sound of foot-tapping, hip-swaying, and head-nodding fun. The mid-tempo beat maintains a mellow groove, topped by a chill pop vocal, which flips into a catchy chorus. It’s a smooth and sophisticated arrangement that showcases how Lyndon Rivers has grown in leaps and bounds.

With technology always improving, there are no limits to growth in EDM. Lyndon has found his niche and mastered it, but continues to grow his skillset. “All The Way” is probably his most accomplished and polished mix.

The instrument levels are finely tuned, the vocals are sublimely performed, and the effects superbly infused into the song. Lyndon makes sure that every bar of music is interesting to the ear and transitions smoothly into the next. The winning formula that yielded brilliant results in the past, is still relied on, but done better.

“All The Way” is everything you would want from Lyndon Rivers and more. Lyndon is one of those niche artists who could appeal to wide swaths of fans from pop to electronic heads. That has been amplified by his work with diverse vocal features and styles over the years.

Now “All The Way” promises to take his stock to yet another level. Despite all of his different perspectives and musical abilities, Lyndon manages to keep his singular vision in focus without getting lost in the varied musical avenues he ventures into with his tracks.

“All The Way” is as smooth as they come with its steady, funky beat, woozy synths and an organic feel that is rare for electronic music. The vocalist adds all his own charm, but Lyndon Rivers shows he is capable of carrying the track on its instrumentation alone, with captivating sounds sprinkled throughout.

 Lyndon continues to amaze in new ways with this record, and looks set to close out another prolific year on an even higher note. Not only is this the producer’s highest watermark, “All The Way” is your must-listen today.


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