Lukasz Komonski – “No More Fears” and “Resounding Never”

A qualified audio engineer, session musician, composer and active member of a band, Lukasz Komonski is a graduate of National School of Music now running his own recording studio. During the current world situation, Lukasz has been focused on writing new songs and reaching a greater audience. A quick run through his catalog and it can be noted how the singer-songwriter pulls out all the stops to diversify and dramatize his sound — with big choruses, lush arrangements and momentous musical fanfares that drop down to a whisper — while remaining firmly rooted in a variety of genres.

You’ll find warm keyboards, fiery guitars and soulful saxophones, or whatever it takes for Lukasz Komonski to get the right mood and sound for each track. His single “No More Fears” takes the organic root, with an Americana sounding production.

The song opens with poignant-sounding, spare guitars and a slide, alongside the resonant vocals, which convey emotions on top of emotions. This is an uplifting, inspirational song about achieving your goals and dreams.

“No More Fears” shows pure talent and precision of ear when it comes to music. The production details within the track are spectacular to experience, in a moment when everything sounds so mechanical, and cloned from something else on the mainstream charts.  On this track, Lukasz Komonski brings a raw authenticity to the production. The intro is a perfect stepping stone into the track as it shows us exactly what to expect.

With gorgeous instrumental accompaniment, delicate and inspiring lyrics and Lukasz’ vocals making a powerful appearance, “No More Fears” moves through various phases – from a whisper to a soar. It’s heartfelt and specific, which makes it more interesting as a song. Throughout the track, the production and the instruments don’t falter, with the melody and progressions helping with the song’s uplifting vibe and setting the mood perfectly.

Another interesting track on the Lukasz Komonski playlist, is “Resounding Never”, which is a totally different musical beast altogether. Upbeat and bouncy with regular dance groove pushing the momentum, in the song Lukasz talks about us being the only ones who should decide the destinies of our own lives. This song holds some simple, but beautiful reflective lyrics that evoke a certain empathy from the listener.

Compared to the rest of his songs, “Resounding Never” is probably the one that’s furthest from Lukasz Komonski’s usual style, and it works well. Lukasz’s pleasing, silky vocals make it almost impossible for the track not to be intoxicating.

Moreover, it’s exciting to see him step out of his comfort zone and try new sounds and arrangements.  In exploring a wider range of songwriting topics and musical themes, Lukasz is establishing himself as a mature artist, with an ability to evolve, proving that he is here to stay.

If you think it will be interesting to see where Lukasz Komonski decides to go next, we already have that answer. His very latest track “Hope”, brilliantly unfolds his winning combination of poignant lyricism, expansive instrumentation and emotive vocal deliveries, which make up the best part of Lukasz Komonski’s discography. But that’s a whole new story…


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