Lucjus born Lui Siu Tung is an electronic music producer, musician and record producer from Hong Kong, who started composing music at the age of 15, producing pop and rock, and joining a band as a guitarist playing shows. After the band broke-up, he pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter and distributed an album entitled “Love conscience”, for free download on MySpace. In 2014, he started producing electronic music under the moniker “Lucjus”, and in 2017, released the singles “Sailing Order” and “Cyborg”. His music is influenced by techno, house, ambient and various breakbeat styles.

Dance music fans are notorious for their capricious tastes, so music producers need to relevant to never fallen out of fashion. Luckily for Lucjus there’s something simply aesthetically perfect about his style: minimalist and dark and, when it’s executed well as on the single “Cyborg”, it’s really hard to imagine as improvable in any way. It’s like the sonic equivalent of the black band t-shirt. It’s perfect; you only have to write your name across it!

If both “Sailing Order” and “Cyborg” are singles used to survey Lucjus’ status, it shows a producer looking forward, staking out new stylistic territory and proving that he is an evolving beat-maker. The songs is the result of directing his talents for cutting-edge arrangements and selecting fascinatingly dark sonic palettes to ends that are suited to both contemplation and dancing.

The sounds of his synth setup invite comparisons to wizards of the past from other core genres, such as Vangelis, John-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, but the way he uses it in the Techno sphere is bracingly modern and fresh.

It makes sense that he would be able to apply his talents successfully to a style that’s historically compatible with beat-pumping bare-bones arrangements, and the end result exceeds expectations.

“Cyborg” is richly textured despite its sonic delicacy, and full of the energy that separates electronic music that engages the listener’s mind from the kind that just puts them to sleep. It’s so engaging, in fact, that at one point Lucjus pulls down everything in the mix until there’s only a synth and throbbing tone that you can hear on headphones or a halfway decent set of speakers.

The really tricky part of it is that you’ll find yourself pulled so far into the track that you don’t even notice the missing instruments until they come back a few bars later. It’s a maneuver that underlines the essential talents of Lucjus!


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