Luca Patrone – “Back To Self”

The beauty of Luca Patrone’s productions exist in its ability to translate emotion into a music score, regardless of instruments, tempo, mood, or influencing genre. His single “Back To Self” shows his technical accomplishments, and it documents an organic styling in sound, together with deep layers of thoughtful introspection to discover and unfold. If it is true that some songs are just made to ooze their way into your soul, then Luca Patrone’s latest effort does so with a disarming ease.

Luca Patrone

A self-taught composer, with “Back To Self”, Luca Patrone shows his mastery of production and songwriting flow, on a track that is both immediately rewarding and demanding of repeat listens. Patrone’s main weapons are all here: easy on the ear sounds, a chill all-embracing atmosphere, polychromatic tonal imagery, and a soul-stirring rhythmic energy. It’s a solid effort bearing all of Patrone’s trademark subtlety in complexity.

The producer has always bridged rhythmic beats with atmospheric ambiances and flamboyant keyboard textures. In that respect, “Back To Self” may just be Luca Patrone’s most accomplished single release to date. It’s a cool, collected record, that points heavily to his manipulation of sound as an emotional vehicle. Its great achievement is that it holds our attention without veering off profligately on tangents, which is the temptation of many instrumental tracks.

Instead, “Back To Self” reminds us of another one of Luca Patrone’s strong points – even when he’s ambitious, he’s as subtle as he can be about it. It’s also another feather in his cap for making electronic production into a sophisticated art form, rather than simple sonic bombast. In fact, it just proves how well Patrone’s is able to operate his tools, and sweep our attentions away with his hypnotically chill sounds.

The Cover Artwork

By avoiding instantaneous explosions of instrumental euphoria, and offering instead an organic buildup with real musical resolution, Luca Patrone stays true to the essence of what makes his music so likeable in the first place, and also sets him apart from the pack. As with his previous work, on “Back To Self”, Luca Patrone shows he has a keen eye for detail – every drum beat, synth lead or warm pad is tweaked to aural perfection. It’s a case of every sound in its right place, every idea developed in a way that is thoughtful and skillfully executed.

Though Luca Patrone has the ability to bring you to a serene environment, his music is anything but uninspired. Instead, it takes you to a place of contemplation. In that sense, “Back To Self” – as the title implies – is designed to allow you the opportunity to look inside yourself and find the true inner you. Listening to Luca Patrone pull this expansive electro-organic instrumental piece together, is a more than satisfying experience.

“Back To Self” will never fail to fill you with a sense of full awareness that music is the right choice when needing a backdrop to evaluate your emotional state of being. If you have, or even haven’t listened to Luca Patrone’s other work, then I strongly recommend this single as it represents Patrone at his best.


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