Lena Mond – “Slowly”

Probably not everyone is familiar with singer-songwriter Lena Mond, but you should be.  She has captivated audiences since the tender age of eight with her fiery auburn hair and distinctive voice. Her sound is blended from diverse genres, which include pop, funk, dance and rock.  Whether its upbeat party cuts, or slow-burning ballads, Lena is equally polished and convincing. Her latest single, “Slowly” is entertaining, fun, emotional and energetic. Apart from being exceptionally well crafted the track is at the same time catchy and relatable. It is highly probable that you will end up falling in love with both Lena Mond and the song, by the end of the three minute and forty-two second runtime.

“Slowly” is a personal track in which Lena Mond recounts her own experience about love, desire and temptations, and asks the question: “Where should we go?” In this record, the songstress proves her vocal and songwriting abilities once again, by creating an extraordinary ear-warming song with a fully danceable beat. Recorded at the Imperator Studio, the song was brilliantly arranged, mixed and mastered, by Harland Kasten.

Dance-pop, is music full of effervescent emotions like love and passion, exuberant joy, self-conscious observations and surprise. Its concerns are largely one of self-discovery and an understanding of the people and the world outside ourselves. It should also be fun. For the full runtime here, Lena Mond delivers the blend of perfect dance-pop for audiences. She sings the lyrics with infectious bravado and a subtle touch of vulnerability.

Lena has a way of stretching her voice like plasticine. She speeds up and slows down her phrasing, switches her tone and pitch, and always matches the mood and meaning of the lyrics and underlying music. She comes through loud and clear.

It’s no wonder that people will soon start taking notice and sit up with eager anticipation. Lena Mond is a hard worker and the rewards are definitely paying off. On “Slowly” she’s able to show off all that graft and commitment.

The first thing you notice about “Slowly” is how finely tailored the record is. It feels the beat, every instrument, and the vocal has been listened to with extra care to make sure it fits in perfectly with everything that’s built up around it. It’s not just the mixing, its the overall sound of the record that feels especially polished. The minute the song kicks in, Lena Mond provides her angelic and floaty vocals to set the pace.

Throughout “Slowly”, Lena pours her heart out with lyrics of questioning, tying it all together with cleverly placed, groove-inducing music and a lively rhythm. She sparkles the listener with witty, relatable lines to push the track along, while also showcasing her ability to write irresistible pop hooks.

Lena Mond has come a long way making the music she wants to make. Her latest single, “Slowly” finds her possessed with both the energy and an impeccable level of artistry. The result is a perfectly sparkling, and gorgeous showcase, for how much the level of craft and delivery in this kind of song can matter. For Lena Mond it all seems effortless.


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