Lena Mond – “Follow Me”

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, singer-songwriter Lena Mond currently lives and works in Germany. She has captivated audiences since the tender age of 8 with her fiery auburn hair and distinctive voice. Her latest dance pop single “Follow Me” is out now, with a complete album to follow very soon. Very airy, soothing, and sometimes slightly playful pop. It’s extremely refreshing and new-feeling music with a strong retro flavor. Unique lyrics backed by an up-tempo beat. Lena Mond was magic at first listen. Given her unique, future-retro-pop style, I think it safe to say that she’s just about for everyone.

On paper though, I should not like this track. It’s unquestionably pop, dancey, and much more mainstream than the stuff I typically listen to. At the same time, the Lena’s voice and the lyrics have a special something, a soulful quality that is perfectly complemented by the arrangement, so somehow, I keep coming back to it.

Lena certainly has a distinct sound that is easy to become addicted to, a very upbeat sound, which kind of softens the questioning lyrics hiding beneath it: “Give a chance for a love. We don’t do nothing wrong. Give a chance try it out. Baby, let’s work it out.”

The clean approach taken on “Follow Me” allows the raw, authentic beauty of Lena’s vocals to shine through, while the soundscape divides its time between jangly guitars and shimmering synths. Though not musically or rhythmically overpowering, the pure visceral force of the track is astonishing.

Walking a fine line between dance-friendly, synth-driven electronic music and radio-ready guitar pop is difficult, but Lena Mond and her recording crew have the creative drive and consistently strong production values to make it work.

The fact they’re willing to take so many sonic risks is refreshing in a time where pop music is becoming more and blander by the day. The music is as juxtaposing too, with “Follow Me” sounding streamlined and as perfectly simple as anything but filtering in new layers as the seconds tick.

It’s as consistent and catchy a listen as you’re likely to hear all year. Lena Mond’s pop instincts are strong, and they understand how to corral the sonic largesse of Top 40 without letting it totally overwhelm her cute melody and wispy vocals.

It’s hard to fault Lena Mond for the purity of her pop-dance leanings on “Follow Me”, and its razor-sharp precision. The few listens I got of the song on my laptop brought me a thrill. Once it got into the stereo in my car though, its genius and exceptional engineering broke through into a sunny feeling of satisfaction, smiles, and high fives.

The sound is exceptionally well designed and produced, to be enjoyed with the bass thumping and equalizer finely tuned. The sound itself conjures images of long summers and sneaky adventures. Take a cue from me and mix it with your favorite summer vice, and enjoy it loud. There are music fans among us already primed for an artist such as Lena Mond, and many more who will be easily won over and eager to hear more.


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