Laura Clare – “On My Way”

Laura Clare a singer and songwriter based in Sydney, Australia is another one of those artists that should be way more well-known than she is. Laura is a pop force to be reckoned with. She’s got such a EDM-Indie-Pop mix to her music that is just screaming to be played in the heat of the summer, wherever that may be right now. Her voice is something that doesn’t have to climb octaves, it resonates so realistically in any register. Her music is euphoric, but etched in a chill realism that’s wonderful to listen to. This can be done with her latest double-sided single, “Lost” which features the tracks “On My Way” and “Primal”. I’m obsessed with not just Laura’s voice, but the production behind the singles, which I believe has been executed by Matthew Moz Jenkins.

Once in a while, new artists come around that completely change the game that there’s no other choice but to sit down and be captivated by what they bring to the table. For Laura Clare, music isn’t necessarily a game but a reason to thrive artistically.

This is a refreshing take on Electro-Indie that can only be described as provocatively endearing. Laura shows off an intimate and emotive side to her voice which I hope to hear on future works. She sings with an effortless tone but still manages to sound passionate and full of emotion.

In “On My Way” Laura has an almost magnetic allure. Her tone changes from a persuasive call-to-arms to a soothing, seductive chant within seconds; leaving listeners spellbound and longing for more.

She can lay out a soul-bearing confession that leaves her practically breathless, then bring everything back into the light with a simple turn of phrase. Powerful yet graceful, she has the ability to dominate an entire song with nothing but her voice. Add in the mellow but rhythmic production and you have a sum that totals up to mesmerizing.

Laura Clare’s sheer vocal talent elevates everything to astronomic heights. That’s never more apparent than it is on the piano-laden, gorgeously palpable ‘Primal’ – silky smooth at first, then as the emotion builds, the percussion becomes more emphatic to match the intensity.

A track that puts her dynamic vocal skills to excellent use with brilliant lyrical passages. Which brings me to another point. It’s obvious from this song that Laura is more than just a beautiful girl with tremendous pipes: she’s also a very potent lyricist.

However it’s the chill catchiness of “On My Way” that steals the day. Anyone who thinks Laura Clare is your typical, cookie-cutter pop artist – think again. Laura is a multi-faceted artist whose voice can, with very little warning, turn the tide from joyful and whimsical to dark and desolate.

It’s the kind of stuff that only the very best artists have in them. This record marks a couple of tremendous accomplishments for Laura, and when she hits her stride in “On My Way”, she’s damn near unstoppable. If one thing is clear to me, it’s that the best is yet to come from this talented songstress.


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