Kesselhaut – ‘Girl Behind the Mask’ (MrLuckyLoop RMX)

Adam Kesselhaut, a true virtuoso hailing from the New York area, has been carving his own path through the music industry with an impressive career that began with his work as a tenor in some of Europe’s most esteemed opera performances. Having graced the stage of the Vienna National Opera and worked as a soloist in Philharmonic Rock, Kesselhaut’s prodigious talents have been sought after across the globe.

Adam Kesselhaut

Now based in the culturally rich city of Berlin, Kesselhaut is the proud owner of Bewake Studios, where he has been busy composing, performing, and producing some of his most exiting and impressive work to date. One such gem is the awe-inspiring track ‘Girl Behind the Mask’, which has all the elements to take the world by storm and is ready to become a cultural phenomenon in its own right.

Originally composed for the soundtrack of the dark comedy BERND BRIDGES, which is set in Japan where masks have been an integral part of everyday life for well over a century, hence well before the Covid pandemic.

Exploring the intricate cultural and existential nuances surrounding the concept of masks, Kesselhaut’s ‘Girl Behind the Mask’ questions what lies behind the mask and what animates its wearer.  What might appear as a simple song about the desire to see a girl’s face, really holds a much deeper reflection on the human experience.

Bernd Korz

Built upon a pulsating and infectious bassline, rolling piano keys, and shimmering guitars, ‘Girl Behind the Mask’ is a catchy master work that showcases Kesselhaut’s exceptional talent and unparalleled creativity.

With the funky verses driven by a powerful syncopated rhythmic thrust, the chorus breaks into full anthemic rock euphoria, where Kesselhaut’s voice reaches dizzying heights as he hits those piercingly high notes with ease.

‘Girl Behind the Mask’ shows an amplified, ambitious, and inventive attention to detail that helps steer the track away from sounding like just another polished funk-pop recording.

On it, Kesselhaut and crew, pull off every performance move with considerable finesse, preserving all the euphoric dynamism of the potent composition and captivating production. Kesselhaut wastes no time submerging himself into the song’s vibrant sonic environment.

The cover artwork

Joined in the studio by the talented pianist Jens Südkamp, who penned the German version of the song ‘Maskenfrau’, sung by Bernd Korz a.k.a. Bernd Bridges, Kesselhaut has truly outdone himself with this stunning track.

And to top it off, the official remix of the song, produced by the dexterous Martin Waschkowitsch a.k.a. Mr. Luckyloop, takes the original to even greater heights, adding his signature touch to create a truly unforgettable experience.

With his unique blend of classical training, rock sensibilities, and boundless modern pop creativity, Adam Kesselhaut is truly a force to be reckoned with, in front of the mic or behind the boards, in the studio. His artistry knows no bounds, and with ‘Girl Behind the Mask’, he continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving landscape of modern music.

The single also contains a slowed version of the song, as the B-side, entitled “The Girl Behind the Mask” (PRVNTK remix). Keep your eyes and ears open for Kesselhaut, as he’s sure to make waves in the industry for years to come.


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