Josie Elysia – ‘Material Condition’ ft. Heidi Richards

Classically trained as both a pianist and a vocalist, Josie Elysia is a Canadian singer/songwriter based in Windsor ON. Influenced by the emo/pop-punk scene of the early 2000s, she listened to bands like Paramore, Panic at The Disco, Fall out Boy & Fefe Dobson, while she also draws inspiration from Nothing But Thieves, Arctic Monkeys and Willow, among others. Basing most of her lyrics on her own experiences and feelings, angst is a sentiment that often frequents her compositions. Josie has been interviewed on several local television programs, while her music has been aired on Canadian radio stations.

Josie Elysia’s latest single, “Material Condition” ft. Heidi Richards has a curious anecdote. It represents the first song released in collaboration with Josie’s mother, Heidi Richards, a solo performer and singer-songwriter herself. Heidi can be heard singing harmonies throughout the new track. As a songwriter, Josie’s greatest strength, lies in the art of simplicity. Her lyrical expressions are clear and focused, cutting to the bone of the topic at hand.

“Have you ever been to the astral plane? I’ve heard it’s kind of nice. In a weird kind of way. I can feel the truth of the universe. Right inside my third eye. Awaken from the curse,” sings Josie. The allusions to substance use is vivid. “Kaleidoscope of colours before my eyes. I can see it. Can you see it? Might be my ultimate demise. I can feel it. Can you feel it?” The effects of that use, is now unfolded and soon becomes negative. “Ants are on the inside. I can feel them crawling, creeping under my skin. Ants are on the inside. I can feel them eating my material condition”.

The uncompromising rawness of the lyrics hit hard, while the musical accompanied drives forward with crunchy guitar-driven grit, underscoring Josie Elysia’s vocals, which land with tremendous force. Dark, blistering, and emotionally voracious, Josie’s powerful voice seems more finely tuned than ever before, as she burrows into the narrative. Behind, Heidi’s supporting vocals lusciously fill out the harmonic spectrum. It’s a stunning way to execute a masterful work.

Josie Elysia’s storms through the bars of “Material Condition” ft. Heidi Richards with the force of a hurricane, describing the negative effects of mind-altering substances on those dependent on them. Once again, Josie Elysia has taken the reigns on her music drawing as much of the force from the muscular sound as she can. This is possibly the most powerful artistic statement Josie has made on record thus far. The guitars resonate. The riffs are stable and sharp. Josie is as straight and direct as she has ever been.

“Material Condition” ft. Heidi Richards perfectly captures the intensity of Josie Elysia performance, as well her insightful lyricism. The track is given a radio friendly polish, which paired with the stadium-like choruses, is musically adventurous and immersed in an energy that makes it compelling. A large part of this vitality comes from Josie’s soaring vocals and the propelling melody line. Overall, the immediacy of the entire production is particularly captivating.


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