Jordan Lake – “Neon Nights”

Inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Billy Idol, Imagine Dragons, and Kelly Clarkson, the singer Jordan Lake understands the entertainment and the music industry.  Early in his career Jordan made it through the Hollywood week on American Idol in 2006 and worked with Warner Bros. Records. In 2010 the singer gave up his career and life in North Carolina, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a higher level of music writing and singing, fulltime. Currently Jordan, who has developed his own music style, is working with multi-talented producer and songwriter, Gabe Lopez, who has contributing credits with James Brown, Belinda Carlisle, New Kids on the Block, and many more.

The singer, Jordan Lake’s new single, is “Neon Nights”, from the upcoming album of the same name. A sweeping synth leads the entrance into the track, before something exciting begins with ear-bursting drums accompanied by a high-powered and excited Jordan Lake, who croons about dark times and overcoming obstacles – the positives and negatives of that metaphor are all included in the music.

The lyrics continue the theme of being all consumed in a love that takes away your identity. In terms of production, the single is loud and boisterous, almost taunting. There are distinct traces of 80’s synthwave embedded into the sound template of “Neon Nights”, as the song marries the analog sounds of retro synth music with contemporary production, making for an eye-catching spectacle.

“Neon Nights” doubles down on the atmosphere, with a fully fleshed-out sound, and Jordan Lake, the singer, has a natural feel for this sort of material: dramatic, nocturnal synth music. His impassioned and resonant croon fits the tone perfectly. The feelings that this song and the music gives me is absolutely incredible, as it blast listeners with an incredibly powerful wave of nostalgia, while confidently residing in the here and now.

Exhibiting well-made and developed lyrics, as well as beautiful choruses that both relax listeners and excite the atmosphere, “Neon Nights” completely overrides your mindset, freezing any of your own feelings and emotions, taking you right into Jordan Lake’s world, through the beautiful rhythm and vibe of the song. “Neon Nights” is pure sonic escapism, combining Jordan’s potent vocals with an expansive arrangement.

“Neon Nights” is a very worthy addition to the Jordan Lake’s stellar catalogue, proving that the singer’s music isn’t just about sound palettes or aesthetic attitudes, but that it’s a manifestation of emotional affect and lived experiences. If you love music that beckons you to dig deep to your core, then this will do very nicely.

Jordan Lake’s music and work ethic is undeniable. His magnetic sound coupled with his vocal prowess, deserves to stand amongst the luminaries of the pop, and pop-rock games today. Between catchy pop hooks and a lush production, the vocals of the singer, Jordan Lake, reign supreme, in an air-tight instrumental piece that nail what makes this song great.

The layers of synth on “Neon Nights” are biting, and yet the music has that cushioned impact. The singer Jordan Lake is a bright shining star in our musical cosmos. One that shouldn’t be missed or overlooked.


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