Jevill Project – “Disorder” from the EP “Unlocked”

Aggressive guitars, heavy beats, and an industrial sounding intensity, is a trademark of the Jevill Project (previously Jevil Project) aesthetic. The forward-thinking artist hasn’t exactly been taking it easy and resting on his laurels. Rather, his been working hard to ensure that his latest EP release “Unlocked”, is a commendable successor to his previous works, and well worth the wait. While it certainly checks off both of those boxes, the recording does even more much to exceed those requisite expectations. In other words, you know exactly what you’re getting into, but it’s even better than before.

“Unlocked” isn’t necessarily a reinvention, but it’s a sharpening of the knife. It’s a solid EP with an aim to make each song a clear musical statement. The opening track, “Kaiju” is decidedly heavy and relentless.

As usual, the France-based Jevill Project keeps the timbres and effects impeccably balanced from start to finish. The dirty riffs and beat that erupts from the song deliver dense molten cores, which add a sense of character, while the tension coursing through the arrangement is palpable.

Undoubtedly, “Unlocked” contains some of the fiercest and fastest guitar flights of fancy Jevill Project have ever concocted. This is highly evident on “Disorder” an almost ceaselessly thunderous and, somehow uplifting torrent of hyperactive guitar licks and pounding rhythms.

Here molten noise meets next-level virtuosity. If this all sounds like a full on musical assault of the senses then you’re probably right, as listening to Jevill Project is always a complex journey for your ears, but ultimately a compelling experience.

This is a record for those that want to be mesmerized by bombastic musicianship, a mix of progressive metal sounds and alternative rock influenced seasonings. All of which culminates in the storming crunch of “Night Walk”.  The beauty of this work is the unimposing balance between the overdriven, but melodic sounds, and the harder, heavier qualities that are there.

You are constantly kept on your toes and chasing your tail trying to keep up with momentum of the track. The blistering ability to launch into a frenzied fretboard attack at will, always grabs your senses. Most of all, listening to this album will make you wish you were watching these explosive musical dynamics live, but Jevill Project is exclusively a studio animal for now.

 The modern age has delivered the development of technology, which has allowed young aspiring musicians to delve deeper, soak up all they can and push the boundaries way beyond what was expected. But many have lost the raw, visceral core of rock’s intrinsic qualities. Something that the Jevill Project has not succumbed to in any way.

As is always the case, despite the complexity there is a logic to everything that Jevill Project do, and a natural flow, no matter how loud or abrasive. Jevill Project packs all that is good about the project into these three songs.

Every track feels like it’s building up to something big that will blow your mind. “Unlocked” has something to offer many a music fan, not just rock, metal, or guitar loving ones. The only negative moment on this recording, is when it is all over.


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