Jerry Collins – “Close To You”

He’s not a singer, nor a songwriter, yet Jerry Collins has received a total of 5 coveted Featured Artist spotlight awards from Crowd Reviews within a year. He has 63 Commercial Music Licensing contracts for use in background music, radio stations, in-radio productions, compilation albums and film, TV, and commercial music. Plus Jerry has reached the Top 5 on Reverbnation’s USA and World charts as a featured artist. Quite simply Jerry Collins is an unpretentious lyricist with an honest down-home approach. He is not looking towards creating fanciful prose but rather from the heart stories and messages that everybody can understand and relate to. His narratives are set within the Folk, Country and Gospel music styles which are recorded using studio musicians and vocalists. Currently employed by FedEx, Jerry is a member of the Episcopal Church and is a graduate of a small Christian high school.

Jerry Collins’ brand new track – “Close To You” – a Christian inspired birthday song is currently on Reverbnation with limited availability, while the full official release is expected for worldwide distribution via Songtradr on the 15th September 2018. The writer notes with pride that your name may substitute the word, “YOU” in the chorus.

Jerry is on his umpteenth single release.  He seems to have found his niche in the Christian crossover genres and is getting better with each release.  You can see the maturity and the improvement in each subsequent recording.

It also helps that the singer on “Close To You”, has worked with Jerry a number of times, and by now understands the gist of his words and messages. He has definitely gained more confidence and ease with Jerry lyrics as his voice hasn’t sounded better.

The smooth, soulful vocals along with the easygoing Folk/Pop vibe makes for an exceptional track that could easily be on the mainstream radios. For this release, he has taken a birthday song with a positive, Christian message and turned it into sleek, mid-tempo organic track that at the same time has deep meaning and heart.

Giving us a sneak peek into God’s heart, “Close To You” reminds us again of God’s unconditional love: “You are created as a child of Him / With His image and likeness known to you / You are praised for each year, you grow / As you are a vessel to His life and glory.”

Jerry’s words sound confident as he fills the song with thoughts that obviously shaped his own calling and his own values. “And the angels will sing, Glory, Glory He’s happy for you / And those who love you and Him will sing / Glory, Glory to YOU, He’s happy for you / Glory, Glory to YOU, He’s close to you.”

Lyrically, Jerry Collins always does an excellent job of painting a well-rounded portrait of faith, life and love. In addition to being a gifted lyricist, Jerry also proves he’s a brilliant storyteller on many of his poignant cuts. “Close To You” poetically addresses finding Jesus where we least expect Him – already within ourselves:  “You are the temple to His life / And the vessel to share His love / Your blood, is His blood for Life / Pass your prayers to Him / and you will prosper.”

For Jerry Collins, those words are more than just lyrics to a great song. They define his life and underscore his mission to reach others with hope and entertainment. “Close To You” would make an excellent Christian radio single.


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