Jeffrey Bullard – “Left Behind”

In his studio single, “Left Behind”, 20 year old singer-songwriter Jeffrey Bullard narrates a story that ties together love, loss, and self-reflection, all in the face of self-empowerment, and all while alternating between nostalgia and wide-eyed excitement. His songwriting is acutely focused in its conception, and laser sharp in its expression. How much quicker and better, could you describe the reasons of a failed relationship, than with a phrase as simple as: “You were a chapter in my book, I was a line in yours.” That just about wraps up the entire story. If you deeply analyze that sentence, you realize that every positive or negative consequence of this narrative has the core of its roots embedded in that one sentiment.

Luckily Jeffrey Bullard is enlightened and fortified by his afflictive experiences, and is able to rise above it all. “I’m stronger without you in my life. Can’t believe I’d read between the lines. You no longer deceive me with your lies. Cause I’m done with you. Out of sight out of mind,” he exclaims. He begins his reflective tale, with a gentle guitar progression and a lower register voice that leads into a profession of Bullard’s analytical conclusions, inside, and beyond a broken heart.

The intro and opening verse effectively sets a pondering, introspective mood that the rest of the song effectively works to expand on. It combines a slow melody with a more rhythmic bridge and an explosive falsetto-driven chorus, leading to a number of stunning breakdowns, buildups and crescendos. Arranged and engineered to radio ready perfection, “Left Behind” has the sound of a chart-busting pop banger.

“Left Behind” quickly grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last notes have finished playing. In-between, it is stuffed with all the bells and whistles meant to make any song catchy as hell.

At the forefront of it all though, is Jeffrey Bullard’s amazing vocal range, which swoops and soars with effortless ease. He’s gently poignant when he has to be, and resonantly bombastic when he needs to be, shifting the song’s energy and emotions accordingly.

Besides all the production embellishments, and the vocal heroics, the biggest takeaway on “Left Behind”, is Jeffrey Bullard’s honesty, and how he opens up about things that affected him in a troubled relationship.

It shows a young adult man able to trade his afflictions for self-awareness and determination. Along the way, he blesses us with the nuanced, potent, and powerful nature of his pipes. While the production does a fantastic job of capturing and enhancing the sentiments that Bullard is expressing.

Mammoth synth lines and dynamic percussion, underscores euphoric choral-like excursions which penetrate the eardrums relentlessly. Diving into a fulfilled pop sound with an urgent cinematic edge, “Left Behind” is a lyrically impressive, and musically ambitious record.

It also proves that there is nothing wrong with the conventional mainstream pop lane, that’s where great craftsmanship can really shine. “Left Behind” shows pure songwriting and singing talent, as well as precision of ear, when it comes to making music.


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