Jay Staxx – “Spazz Out”

We live in an era in which rap and hip hop music is no longer considered subversive and has been integrated into the core of mainstream culture. With the genre continuously expanding and evolving, its direction is continually shooting across new horizons. In the last few years we have seen a mass of new voices and captivating newcomers uncovered and brought to the fore. Among them we currently have Jay Staxx, who is co-founder and artist of Loyalty Over Royalty Records. Based out of San Diego, CA but originally from St. Louis, MO, Jay Staxx also has a big fan base that knows him as the character Diaper Man. Jay raps, freestyles his songs, dances, and acts. He has been rapping for three years now, while dancing was actually his first passion.

Jay Staxx accumulated a big following in October 2018 for the role he played as Diaper Man going viral on multiple platforms numerous times. Then in April of 2019, tragedy struck with the passing of his mother Tameka Russell.

“I took it really hard, especially because the last time I had seen her was 5 years before she passed, and our last memory we had together was of me taking her to the mansion parties in Los Angeles, CA,” explains Jay Staxx. “With that being said everything that I worked hard to achieve before she passed I found myself giving up on, but now “I’m back like Gucci Mane,” he concludes.

And Jay Staxx returns with a bang on his new single, “Spazz Out”. A swaggering rap hit with an infectious pace. The track quickly sets it tone strongly, featuring quick bars over a ringing beat with charming hi-hats, and off kilter adlibs. If this track is any indicator of the rap prodigy’s staying power in today’s saturated scene, it’s clear that he isn’t going away anytime soon.

Jay Staxx delivers catchy hooks, off the wall flows, a quirky beat, and undeniable charisma throughout. More importantly, this new effort shows Jay refining his vocal chops and personality to new heights, elevating him to an upper echelon of style and class, while still keeping his vision grounded to the feel of the streets. The balance between the thumping beat and the gritty, explicit and intense verses delivered by Jay Staxx, is impressive to say the least.

“Spazz Out” is an effortless work of swagger and hardcore storytelling, showcasing an artist that has never been more comfortable and confident in his own style. He lays it on the line without restraint, as spins a narrative about hitting on the hoes and the consequences thereof.

“I’m gone get this money then I’m buy that hoe. She said my price is five fifty. I said lets go. I took her to the telly hit her just like Jelly Joe,” spits Jay Staxx. Leaving the lesson for last: “I woke up my wallet was missing like Jimmy Jane.”

Jay Staxx is really onto something here.  The ability to fuse a striking beat, and a dynamic vocal flow, with sharp wordplay so seamlessly, is a feat in itself, not to mention being a sheer joy to listen to as well. Of the many artists animated by the new wave influences in rap and hip hop, Jay Staxx ranks near the top. All of which wants to make you want to turn the volume up all the way!

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