Jake Anthonyx – “I don’t wanna think about nothing”

Jake Anthonyx the alternative vocalist from Broward County, Florida, has come an incredibly long way in this year alone. Now on what seems like his sixth single in 2021, Jake’s star continues to rise. It would be easy to overlook Jake Anthonyx as an alt-pop artist whose fans are likely to only be into him for his pleasurable physical attributes, but as we continue to see, the young man is very talented. Jake’s constant workflow rate shows that he is focused on longevity and growing maturity rather than the perishable here-today-gone-tomorrow star status many of his contemporaries opt for.

Jake Anthonyxs latest single, “I don’t wanna think about nothing”, follows a mid-tempo formula, while the smashing percussion drives an upbeat momentum. The song manages to retain all the natural emotion that the singer is able to place in his vocals, as Jake pulls out all the stops to diversify and dramatize his sound — with big choruses, a lush arrangement and momentous fanfares that drop down to a whisper, and then goes back up again.

What we’re left with is a rich and lush sonic alt-pop arrangement, and Jake Anthonyxs equally well-produced croon, which successfully gives you all the feels. Jake’s mellifluous vocals, whip by like a buffet of enticing flavors, leading to a burst of euphoric rapture. “I don’t wanna think about nothing” is both awash with lyrical depth, and overflowing in sonic grandiosity. Within this concept, Jake’s vulnerability and vocals really shine though.

“I don’t want to think about nothing. Wake up in the morning feel disgusting. Break up now, baby I’m your husband. Wait up, where you going, why you running. We in the middle of nowhere. It was an obsession now it feels like you don’t care. Now I feel depression and I feel so alone here,” sings Jake, as he analyses the situation. It all sounds very real and personal, which are the traits of a great songwriter able to garner empathy from his audience.

Throughout the whole recording, the production and the instruments don’t falter, with the melody and progressions helping with the song’s vibe, and setting the mood perfectly. It feels like there’s an intelligent use of the instruments in “I don’t wanna think about nothing” than ever before in any of Jake Anthonyxs tracks. Especially the dense counterpoint of the drums which is used in contrast to the rest of the rhythm, is noticeably an important and integral part of sustaining song’s narrative.

Whilst his usual style is still present, Jake Anthonyxs songwriting and performance growth is easily perceptible here. Not only that, he also continues to prove himself to be a serious artist who is passionate about his craft. No doubt Jake will also continue to pull in new listeners with “I don’t wanna think about nothing”. The winning combination of poignant lyricism and an emotive vocal delivery, weaved together with carefully considered production, makes up most of Jake Anthonyxs discography, and is stably present here.


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