Jake Anthonyx – “Hate Goodbyes”

We caught up with Jake Anthonyx -an alternative vocalist from Broward County, Florida – a couple of months ago with his critically acclaimed single “Can’t Come Down”. Jake has since been going from strength to strength, and his latest single release, “Hate Goodbyes”, is garnering him, and his producer, Andrew Toto, a heap of streams and recognition. From start to finish the single envelops you in its hazy, bombastic soundscape. Like a sonic electric blanket, it leaves you feeling warm, comforted, and overwhelmingly nostalgic for alternative pop-punk of the 2000’s, which inspires the recording. Jake Anthonyx refuses to contain himself to any one sound, though, and seamlessly fuses a whole bunch of indie-alternative influences.

With such an impressive mix of relevance and nostalgia, plus Andrew Toto’s beat brilliantly arranged throughout, “Hate Goodbyes” is nothing short of a treat. It’s a track that both cements Jake Anthonyx place in the current underground alternative pop scene – and shows that he’s only getting started.

“Hate Goodbyes” is earworm alt-pop with propulsive synths and resonant vocals, as well as a quintessential lean towards both suburban and urban cadences.

Honestly, “Hate Goodbyes” is going to have you on the edge of your seat, nodding your head to its highly addictive melody. But it extends way beyond those catchy synth and vocal riffs which we’re all so addicted to. If you haven’t set your musical senses on the track yet, you need to do it now.

It’s a track that stands well on its own, and will reel you in right from the first listen. Andrew Toto creates the kind of pace and challenge that keeps both Jake – and the listener – on their toes to exhilarating effect.

The build-up of the euphoric, brooding synth gears you up for a hard-hitting breakdown. The whole track just feels huge with so much space to get lost in “Hate Goodbyes” nuanced, and powerful vocal performance.

There’s no escaping the emotion that’s being conveyed in his voice, and you’ll feel connected to the song. Jake Anthonyx excites me, because he doesn’t fit into one tiny little box, and is everything right about music. He’s fearlessly pushing forward, and whatever comes next, will shine just as bright as this track have.

It’s songs like “Hate Goodbyes” that extend Jake Anthonyx’s musical talent even further. You can’t disagree with the fact he’s one of the few upcoming artists who is keeping the indie-alternative scene alight, and as relevant as ever.

Jake Anthonyx, along with Andrew Toto, is finding a way to express his thoughts, into music he seems set on pursuing and making relevant, while helping to veer the indie-alternative genres down perspectives that’ll inspire both old and new audiences.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram – @Jakeanthonyx / Instagram – @andrewtoto

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