Jah-Femi Telewa – “Over Deer” and “Heat-Free”

Jah-Femi Telewa – “Over Deer” and “Heat-Free”

Tuesday, 04 May 2021
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Jah-Femi Telewa also known as J.F.T. Is a multiple award winning high fantasy story author, and also a top charting composer. He has written and rapped on a couple of songs he’s pushed out this year and is looking to bring an alternative sound to the industry fondly combining rock and heavy metal vocals as choruses to go, with his rap songs. Look out for more interesting concepts from J.F.T. Aka Jah-Femi Telewa.

Jah-Femi Telewa is on radio rotation with the tracks “Over Deer” and “Heat-Free”
Connect with Jah-Femi Telewa https://www.instagram.com/j.f.t._author/channel/?hl=en

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