itso – “Shock The World”

The opening bars to “Shock The World” shows just why itso should become a global powerhouse of alt and classic rock flavors. The cyber-duo based in Germany and Japan, have a signature mix of thoughtful lyrics, soaring vocals, cascading riffs, and a knack for killer hooks, which has built the foundation upon which they continue to flourish with on each subsequent release. It’s a compositional foundation primed to whip fans into a frenzy on up-tempo bangers and be quite the deep pondering slow-burners on ballads.

Martin Hanisch

With the release of “Shock The World”, Scobie Ryder (Ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Awarded Songwriter/Producer) and Martin Hanisch (a top German session Guitarist/Writer Producer), continue their two-year mission to establish a consistent fan-base, and dominate the rock world.

At this point, itso can do whatever it wants. That kind of freedom comes with being totally independent, in every facet of their writing, performing, recording, and producing tasks.

By sheer persistence, itso work to build their catalog in what could be seen musically, as a very hostile environment for rock bands. They have something to say and something authentic to present to rock audiences.

This is a project that knows what it’s doing, led by two of the scene’s most dedicated musicians, who already have a set of quality songs available. With “Shock The World”, itso mixes in a few more welcomed surprises with the familiar, and it’s sure to wind up as one of their best records as a result.

From start to finish, “Shock The World” is chocked full of thought-provoking lyrics and hard rock inspired guitar riffs all strongly supported by perfectly timed drumming and resonating bass motifs. Add in the grungy lead vocals, lush harmonies, and the shredded guitar solo, and you have a song with a very powerful sonic impact.

The cover artwork

Yet itso still manage to squeeze every drop of melody out of the dynamic arrangement, to ensure that all listeners are captivated throughout.  It is a true feast for the ears. itso have written such strong melodic songs that they can be played both electric or acoustic and hold up equally well.

The chorus is ridiculously catchy whilst the guitar riffs adopt a slightly hypnotic tone in the verses. Scobie Ryder wrings out every ounce of emotion even before the guitar-slinging Martin Hanisch sells us the explosive guitar solo.

Taking it as a standalone single, “Shock The World” hits the target over and over again. However, taking it as just one song in a stunning catalog of multiple tracks, it becomes next level impressive, considering the outright artistic consistency of itso’s releases to date.

As already stated, this record is outstanding, and if this is your first time listening to the duo, you will be disappointed that you did not take notice of itso earlier. “Shock The World” has that slow burn feel as it builds and builds though its pulsing rhythm until you’re engulfed within its fire. This single, is as solid as they come in terms of rock music. Heavy when it wants to be, and always melodic, with some great guitars and vocals.


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