itso – “Rise Above It”

Music has an unrivaled power. It can move you to action, inspire you to do better, motivate you to push through. Once you find that one song that touches you, it can evoke impactful emotions and actions. The single, “Rise Above It”, by fresh retro rock duo, itso, is all about realizing greatness, whatever that might be to you. This anthem will remind you of your worth and what you can accomplish. The confidence-boosting song will inspire you to set your goals and conquer your day, while embracing the challenge.

It’s gritty, but at the same time so smooth and sticky, it gets stuck in your head and won’t leave. Harboring a straightforward, momentum-pushing riff and beat, the song builds to a grandiose chorus that could get any audience off their feet.

“Rise Above It”, once again shows how very well-written and exceptionally played – and sung – itso’s music is. The production and mastering of this record, is of course, just as exceptional.

With a stunning start and high rising vocals that burst into existence almost immediately, “Rise Above It” flows magnificently from verse to chorus in epic and euphoric fashion. Sustained by a tight backline, indelible guitar work, and a charismatic singer.

The chemistry, the hooks, and the overall vibe of the itso duo, is all ingrained in an uncompromising formula difficult to replicate. Unless you go back in time, to when rock was described as legendary.

Recording remotely in two different countries, Scobie Ryder (ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Awarded songwriter/producer), and Martin Hanisch (a top German session guitarist/writer and producer) form itso.

Working via SM Productions (Smoke & Mirrors), their declared ongoing mission, is to “to bring back rock music into the mainstream spotlight”. And through their constant flow of music releases, they’ve been doing whatever they can to get the word out and move up the ladder.

Tracking through the itso catalog, you’ll automatically pick up on the tidy arrangements, punchy riffs, and well-honed, assertive vocals. As a duo, itso are not attempting to reinvent the rock formula; they’re merely harnessing its best elements with a fresh perspective.

And on “Rise Above It”, they simply refine the process and kick it up another notch. The duo’s compositions do sound effortless, and capture the lightning-in-a-bottle dynamics and energy, of rock music’s greatest moments.

Airtight songwriting that plays up their strengths, is part of the itso game-plan, along with intoxicating riffs, captivating melodies, and crescendoing vocals that demand the listener’s attention. Though their influences are discernible, they don’t borrow from any other band, instead manufacturing their own unique identity.

Ambitious but unpretentious, itso is set on transforming the mindset of the millennial generation, and returning rock back to its rightful reign. If that happens, the potential of this collaboration will become infinite.


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