itso – “King Kong Unchained”

Formed in 2019, the fresh retro rock duo made up of Scobie Ryder (Ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Awarded Songwriter/Producer) and Martin Hanisch (a top German session Guitarist/Writer Producer) have been making their name in the classic and alt-rock world as itso. On their 10th single release, “King Kong Unchained”, itso up the ante on heaviness, complexity and intensity, making it well worth checking out for those who prefer something a little crunchier in their sound. Invest in some headphones and enjoy this journey. The project takes listeners into a world that feels both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.

Employing all sorts of musical astuteness to capture the imagination of listeners while technically attempting to hold onto organic instrumentation in an increasingly technologic world. It feels like a bit of a musical playground at times, but one where the guitars, and vocals, still power most of what this rock duo does, and does well.

itso are one of those bands that nearly everyone who loves rock can agree on. Appealing to all kinds of listeners, in all areas around the globe, they are as close to a classic-sounding rock band as we are going to get in 2022. One may ask themselves, why are itso releases so impressive? Well, the climate of the new music industry has been turbulent, with the importance and relatability of genres been flipped on its head.

It’s become a nearly impossible place for any rock artists to survive, yet itso have continued to excel with each single release. How have they done it? Simple, they create music that is powerful, lively, and lyrically thought provoking, tackling both social and political themes, as well as everything in between.

On “King Kong Unchained”, itso goes straight for the jugular of elitist tyranny and oppression. They remind us that individually and collectively, the population has the power to rise and defeat the system.

As always itso is fearless in their artistic approach. With “King Kong Unchained”, they pull out all the stops to create a package of sonic qualities that engage the senses, and empower the mind. Amazingly with such a grand production, itso manage to keep the song feeling very human and full of emotion throughout.

“They spit in your face. And they tell you its raining. For all of their crimes. They should be paying. They live on top.  Hey and you’re on the bottom. You give all you’ve got. Too soon forgotten,” sing itso. Underneath, the guitars jangle and crunch, chugging along ominously to the rhythm, which shifts into different configurations.

The song is packed with sublime guitars, resonant bass, and a thundering drumbeat in support of the soaring vocals. “King Kong Unchained” is a spine-tingling journey that has taken everything itso do best, and make it even better.

“King Kong Unchained” is musically, conceptually and politically charged brilliance at its absolute peak, and more than I had hoped for. The integration of the signature itso guitar and vocals is as strong and defined as ever. In true itso fashion, the single is not just a work of art, but a bold statement that is heard loud and clear.

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