itso – ‘Fearless’

Rock doesn’t get much catcher than the song ‘Fearless’, by the duo Scobie Ryder and Martin Hanisch, better known as itso. Fueled by a melody that builds up fast and loops round and round again, the track is full of blooming harmonies, and gritty guitars. It’s a truly irresistible joy that comes with listening to this song. In a seamless transition, the verses and choruses follow and continue that sentiment, while adding an edge of confidence and strength on top. “Never again will I hide in the shadows. I’m diving into the light. I’ve found myself, that’s all that matters! Taking control of my life,” recites the opening verse. A statement which is then confirmed by the chorus: “I’m fearless. Fearless, fearless. I’m fearless. Fearless! I am fearless. Nothing can hold me down. Not anymore!”

The muted strumming throughout ‘Fearless’, gives it a punchy and urgent feel, and there’s a real passion to the way the vocals are presented in this piece. The track explodes when the huge power-chord strokes ignite the arrangement.

This song oozes swagger and ownership, once again showcasing the band’s phenomenal songwriting and performance prowess. It’s hard to find anything to dislike about this track. It just puts a smile on your face with the persistent optimism of the lyrics, the upbeat tones of the music.

Scobie Ryder (ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Awarded songwriter and producer), met up with Martin Hanisch (a top German session guitarist, writer and producer) have demonstrated yet again with ‘Fearless’ that they find no difficulty in writing crowd-pleasing rock hits that get people chanting along and having a good time.

It is true that life experiences are unique but when it all boils down, we all have quite similar situations – or at least share a universal hope for a better tomorrow. That is what ‘Fearless’ is really all about – the joy of being fearless even though we sometimes suffer defeat – and with that itso take you on a journey full of heartfelt emotion and well-constructed music.

They manage to create something that can stand up with today’s sound while still keeping the artistic integrity from a classic bygone era. ‘Fearless’ is easily another high-water mark of the project’s career. One thing is clear, there are very few rock bands today that can match itso’s songwriting talent.

Regardless of style, whether it’s heavy guitars and banging drums, or slow-burning ballads, a great song is a great song, and the foundation of itso’s allure is based on superb songwriting. And with ‘Fearless’ they have done another commendable job.

Scobie Ryder and Martin Hanisch have been boldly paving a new musical path with a collections of songs that are musically solid, lyrically profound and commercially viable. Apart from being masterfully crafted, itso’s songs have memorable and unique choruses which instantly hook you in.

“Fearless” is another extremely impressive track – musically enriching, and emotionally charged –  which shows how itso, who record remotely in two different countries, continue to evolve and remain artistically relevant with each release, which is something that not many, if any, rock artists can claim anymore.


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