Infinity – “Set Me Free”

The metal band from Philadelphia, Infinity, was formed in November 2016, by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ryan Howie and lead guitarist Ricky Sobel, who knew each from through a mutual former bandmate. The duo immediately started writing and recording “The Beginning of the End,” which was released in late 2017. In June, of that same year, the two found Bobby Jeffers through social media, and he became the full time drummer soon thereafter. In November of 2018, they added bassist Ben Mascioli, who was also discovered via social media, to round out the official, and until now, definitive Infinity lineup. They perfectly mesh thrash with elements of alternative, mixed with an undeniable groove that sets them apart from most of their contemporaries.

Infinity plans on throwing fists and taking absolutely no crap in their latest single, “Set Me Free”, taken off their second album “Awakening”. This is some of the slickest fusion between thrash, hardcore and punk I’ve heard in a long time, and makes for a rip roaring blast.

The formula never becomes too much throughout the 6 minute song, allowing the band to deliver its full frontal assault. Clear and to the point, the power of the lyrics picks up with the rising intensity of the instrumentation. Whether it is through trudging guitar progressions, speed driven drum lines, or face tearing solos.

Instrumentally you know right off the bat what you are going to get, as soon as the track kicks in. As far as all the different sounds that come to play, they are all equally balanced. “Set Me Free” has a strong chord progression that builds tension with a menacing effect.  An evenly paced multi-layered guitar intro carries a heavy rhythm, holding back all the energy until it lets loose in a frenzy.

The rhythm section and upbeat drum pattern release the excitement and drive that make for a mosh fest. It caters to thrash loving fans, and as soon as the vocals set in, you know it’s going to be a whiplashing rage. At once ecstatic and groovy as all hell, the rhythm to this song is one of its best driving forces.

“Set Me Free” is an absolute blast of a song, full of excitement, rage, and terrific composition. It will appeal to metal heads from all corners of the globe. Infinity has something for everybody; the pummeling riffs of thrashers, the aggressive nature of punk and the in your face attitude of hardcore.

One thing that makes this album such a strong effort is the quality of the production; everything is in its right place and the mix is just perfect; you can hear the bass, the guitars pierce through, the vocals deliver emotion and aggressiveness and the drums are potent and clear without stealing anything from the rest of the band.

It’s important to clarify that this is not an overproduced track though, which is common nowadays especially among mainstream American metal bands. Infinity are a pretty good example of how a hybrid of metal, thrash and hardcore band should sound: fast, heavy, pissed off, and very loud.

Whether you are looking for something to run around in the pit to, head bang, let loose your rage and throw a chair, Infinity has got you covered. From melodic to harsh vocals, and continual changing tempos, “Set Me Free” covers every aspect of power and impact, making for one helluva rollercoaster ride. Ushering in a new era of thrash metal, Infinity delivers what they do best, and do a damn good job of it.


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