i2303M – “Smash”

i2303M aka Ian Moi shines as a Producer, Artist, and Remixer. i2303M knows all the tricks and techniques of the epic electronic sound. On his latest crushing blockbuster, “Smash”, he inflicts a whole bunch of custom twists and turns that leaves the track sounding epic, lush, and inspiring. He has managed to create something impressive, authentic, and full of personality. Moi wisely didn’t force too many sounds into the production, he just focused on something epic and energetic, and he did well.

i2303M includes all the emotional elements into his arrangement – a majestic bassline, a melodic synth and euphoric percussion. There’s an awesome kick, splendid vibes and aggressiveness, and an interesting melody line.

The bass is splendid, probably the most impressive instrument in the bunch – always thumping but with a pinch of rawness that makes it a combination of emotional and banging. Every part of the song has something catchy about it, from the intro to the chorus and melody that’s sure to get stuck in a lot of heads over the next few weeks.

“Smash” is both gut-thumping and tuneful. It’s rhythmic enough to be a dancefloor anthem, and epic enough to blow the rafters of the roof. It could also quite easily be a soundtrack to an action movie. Another interesting point on this one is the high level mix down from i2303M.

Scrolling through the song’s timeline, you will probably find people scratching their heads at how clean, precise and punchy this production is. Moi is one of a handful of producers who keeps pushing the envelope every day, and to me that is simply amazing.

There is no denying that this intellectual individual will end up in the higher echelons of his chosen trade real soon. Moi’s music has the ability to connect with an audience, and for that reason he will steadily gain traction as more and more people come in contact with his music.

His current status is entrenched in the underground but his potential is just inches away from mass appeal.  Ultimately, “Smash” is an expertly conceived, adeptly crafted masterpiece of consummate electronic sound.

The track is specifically built around i2303M’s cutting edge sound design experience, with its high wattage bass lines and growling synth notes. “Smash” is a spellbinding wall of sound and rhythm. The single takes you along a musical journey of climatic builds and wicked bass drops. Then before you know it, Ian Moi melts your mind. You don’t find music like this unless you’re looking for it, and once it’s found you won’t want to turn it off!


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