I See Vultures – ‘Escapist’

I See Vultures are a brand new 5 piece punk/hardcore band from Leicester, UK. The single ‘Escapist’ is the band’s debut release. As you’d expect from a band in this genre blend, the track is packed with aggression, attitude and plenty of posturing from the twin guitars. It’s also packed with monster hooks, melodic soars and visceral harsh vocals. I See Vultures know how to write an anthemic single, and this one has all the potential to be a smash. The song is razor sharp in a less than 4 minute running time. They are talented musicians and excel with some creative songwriting. While their focus of making music is as gruff and gritty as can be, ‘Escapist’ is also about as emotionally charged as can be, with some borderline Emo characteristics shining through.

First and foremost is the guitar work that spearhead this track through its entirety. Their twin style ranges from chugging riffs, to soaring melodic lines. It’s this factor that somewhat sets this band apart from other many other acts in the same atmosphere. The vocals approach comes as a surprise. The clarity of the delivery, especially when it comes to the harsh vocals is a cut above the rest; every word is clearly understood.

This is a welcome change especially when inaudible vocals have become unbearable even within the hardcore community. The vocalists certainly have vocal ranges that surpasses many other bands attempts at injecting emotion into their songs through precision sung passages.

The drumming is proficiently handled, and the stick-holder often utilizes his entire kit, rather than just your typical snare-bass standoff. ‘Escapist’ is a song that serves as a good example of this as the bridges and choruses are enhanced through the use of crashes, toms and cymbals accompanying a gallop rather than just pummeling the kit.

These occasional changes of pace keep the listener’s ear intrigued and are not overused to the point of being predictably paced. You will also get your thumping bass fix without a doubt, as the bassist proves to be a very solid backbone for the band, delivering really tight rhythms that benefits the music.

Though the instrumentation is very strong throughout, it’s the sheer musical quality of the entire project which is impacting. The elevation from the already energetic buildup between verse, refrain and chorus proves just how quickly I See Vultures can flip on the switch to blow out the volume levels even further.

From its firmly planted hardcore roots, I See Vultures surprise the listener with material that is both creative and epic sounding. Not only do they nail the basics, but they throw curveballs and are likely to win over anyone who hasn’t heard them yet.

The bone-crushing rhythm and soaring vocals held within ‘Escapist’ snares you and it is with great reluctance that you pry yourself loose. It is simply too good to stop listening. If you love intensity, this is the track for you and if you aren’t already a fan of I See Vultures, you are about to become one.


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