Heretics of Grace – “Restoration (Part 2)”

After hearing the songs from the 2017 album “The Nearest Far”, it becomes quite clear as to why Heretics of Grace will be celebrated for any new music they release, and the hopefully greater effect it will have on returning classic rock inspired music to the limelight. Damian Counsell (Lead Vocal), Fabio De Rosa (Bass), Andy Lyden (Guitar) and Jez Geach (Drums) have been influenced by various genres and styles of music, and they bring these influences to the table in their releases.

Upon listening to the classic and vintage vibes and soundscapes in which the band effortlessly channel their creativity, the hype surrounding them is more than validated and will leave listeners excited to see what the band does in each subsequent release.

The band’s latest single, “Restoration (Part 2)” is a record that could truly solidify them as rock n’ roll’s next big thing. As a whole, each member of Heretics of Grace shines as an individual, and as a tight unit on this track.

It is worth pointing out that guitarist Andy Lyden’s riffs are absolutely fantastic, and drummer Jez Geach’s groove is incredibly powerful, with the support of Fabio de Rosa’s rolling basslines. Damian Counsell does a magnificent job on vocals to separate the band’s driving hard rock sound from the usual nu-metal screaming doing the rounds.

What must be said about Heretics of Grace is that despite how inspired they may be by some legendary rock bands, they truly flex their own songwriting abilities across this track. While the classic and progressive rock influences are undeniably huge, the band turn out great original material that more than once takes unexpected turns.

“Restoration (Part 2)” stands as one of their most unique tracks and an example of their songwriting at its strongest – crunching riffs, a perpetually building progression, and extremely modern breakdowns, while Counsell’s roaring vocals really elevate this song above the rest.

There’s something special about classic rock that most modern-day rock n’ roll is missing. Maybe it’s the grittiness, maybe it’s the persona of the bands or maybe it’s something else completely. Nevertheless, Heretics of Grace surpasses all of this, and revel in rock music and give it the nostalgia and feel of the genre’s best days.

They prove their ability to resurrect the spirit of rock n’ roll’s past, and translate that essence into something truly their own. It takes a rhythm section like that of Heretics of Grace to make rock truly roll, and these guys deliver. At the half-way mark through the track, listeners will have had no time to catch their breath.

Gifted with taste and undeniable talent, Heretics of Grace still has time to become the saviors of rock and roll that many need them to be in today’s sterile musical climate. There’s no doubt that this is a band to keep on one’s radar. There are few other rock bands that emanate the vibe of classic rock in the same way as these guys do. Heretics of Grace is a shining gem waiting to be uncovered – a return to real instruments played with passion, joy and love.


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