Hendryck Empole – “Heartbreak”

Hendryck Empole was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, surrounded by music. His older cousins shared his passion for music and urged him to pursue it. Hendryck was exposed to new styles of music after relocating to the United States at the age of eight. He discovered his love for writing music while attending a performing arts school. Hendryck wrote over 200 hundred songs during his four years of high school, and finally began recording new tunes in the summer of 2021. He initially dropped the single, “I Don’t Understand” on January 15th, and has subsequently released more tracks. Currently Hendryck Empole is riding high with his latest single, “Heartbreak”.

Hendryck Empole’s voice has the smoothness of a silk sheet and the delicious sparkle of a fine glass of champagne. The track “Heartbreak” lures the listener in with a shimmering and organic sound that Empole so effortlessly and masterfully highlights with his vocals, and the jangling instrumental.

The song is an absolutely perfect hint at the singer-songwriter’s overall endearing modern pop skillset. Empole’s suave voice dreamily immerses listeners in his gorgeous sound.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m trying to make things right. Oh let me be by your side. Loving you is all I do. My heart aches for you. Losing you is har to do- Took the heartbreak just for you,” sings Hendryck Empole, unpacking all the sentiment and emotion of his thoughts, into the song.

With its mellow yet sustained beat and engaging melody, the song undoubtedly deserves the attention it will receive. Its catchy refrain is also an introduction to the smart ear Empole has for subtle hooks that linger in the mind.

Beyond what would seem the humdrum narrative of lost love and heartbreak, which can be found in many a pop song, Hendryck Empole’s straightforward, to-the-bone commentary, cuts deep and speaks clearly.

Unlike the sometimes complex and cryptic songwriting practiced by his peers or contemporaries, Empole keeps things simple and pure. His message comes from the heart, rises majestically above the music, and reaches its target quickly and precisely.

The strummed acoustic guitars and buoyant beat, coupled with Hendryck Empole’s killer vocals, make for the telling of a casual but heartrending story, void of any eccentricity or desperately bombastic interlude.

Heartbreak” is crafted elegantly with atmospheric harmonies, a pulsating beat, and melismatic vocals, which set a high standard for himself and the genre in general. The single borrows from clean modern pop, electro flavors and urban cues as its basis.

Hendryck Empole keeps the momentum rolling on “Heartbreak”, at the very highest level. His vocals are characterized by distinctiveness, and beyond the slick production work, this is a well-rounded song, as the singer-songwriter shares the afflictions and desires of his heart.

Empole doesn’t miss a beat with the song, which easily gets stuck in your head. Overall, Hendryck Empole impresses on this recording, where, throughout its course, his voice is what shines the most.

In addition to his vocal maturity, Hendryck Empole’s strikingly relatable lyrics and the excellent production work provide further enhancements to a song that achieves all of its goals with the utmost of ease. All of which seems to describe a truly respectable talent.

Connect with Hendryck Empole on INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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