Happy Freuds – “Break” from the upcoming album “Travel Itinerary”

Happy Freuds have a passion and desire to shake up the mainstream with some truly incendiary rock n’ roll. This much was evident on their revisited 11 track project, entitled “Echo Of Sound – Duncan Morrison Mix”, which received critical acclaim. The band, made up of two Spanish members and two Swedish brothers who have been living in Spain for 7 years – Teo Holmstrom (Lead guitar, lead vocals), Victor Holmstrom (Drums), Maverick Domene (Rhythm guitar) and Edgar Gómez (Bass) – are currently working on their upcoming album which has the working title of, “TRAVEL ITINERARY”. In the meantime they are getting set to release the second single, “Break”, from the aforementioned album, on the 27th of March. We got a peak preview of the new single, plus 2 more songs on the workbench.

Their gauntlet thrown down, I have no doubt that Happy Freuds will discover their audience will be more than happy to accept their new music’s challenge when their new album is issued. “Break” is a sludgy stomp that is probably the closest to pure hard rock as you can get.

Teo Holmstrom progresses to scream at his grungy best, a ragged edge adding texture and maturity to his mellifluous voice. The song continues the Happy Freuds style of pulse pounding groove, infectious vocals, heavy riff rock, and an unmistakable hook that has been consistent in all their songs.

“Break” is tremendously appealing with Teo Holmstrom and Maverick Domene’s rip-roaring sonic attack guitars, plus the dynamic and very talented rhythm duo consisting of drummer Victor Holmstrom and bassist Edgar Gómez, driving the song’s broiling underbelly.

The song grabs you by the nuts from the start. It takes complete control of you and doesn’t let go. Right from the beginning there’s a monster of a riff and drum groove that tears the roof off. Gorgeous verse lyrics and vocals and fantastic drumming ensue. Teo Holmstrom then delivers some great solo work, which is both soulful and fiery, leaving you under of an aura of sonic bombardment.

“Break” is a fantastic song. Plain and simple. It showcases all four of the musicians in complete control of their instruments and all of them are tightly knitted together to form a very cohesive and dominant music force on this track. Ultimately, “Break” stands out for all the right reasons, within a rock world totally sterilized by corporate rock.

While listening to the new single, we casually bumped into a song with the working title of “Broken”, which brings to the table something different. The technicality in the drumming on this song is stellar, especially in the intro. The drum and guitar elements are keyed in directly and in an interesting way, with softer-like tones through the verses, while bridges and the choruses explode into thick euphoria.

“Netherlands” – another working title – is another subtly styled track, featuring plenty of clean guitars, and dynamically moving basslines, with plenty of hi-hats and cymbals used to temper the nuanced power of the drums.

For all intents and purposes, the new upcoming album, “TRAVEL ITINERARY”, promises to be a great follow-up to Happy Freuds’ previous full-length project. All recordings are being done in a home-studio in the rural Spanish countryside, where the band is concentrating on achieving an authentic sound without the aid of correcting plug-ins or enhancing software.

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