Hannah Strumner – “Better Off Rejected”

Hannah Strumner is a pop-country singer and songwriter in the United States. She has been both songwriting and singing since the age of six years old, with the hope to spread happiness and joy through her music. Hannah’s latest single is entitled “Better Off Rejected”. Clever from start to finish, the singer-songwriter truly flexes her pop songwriting abilities as she determines why she is better off rejected: “The first few months was a rocky road. I told my friends and they said don’t get close. Well now I know why you were sitting alone in a restaurant that day. Cause you were to blame.”

While the heartfelt endeavor finds Hannah Strumner chasing a pop-oriented sound, she still waves the flag for a country flavored-narrative in the song. What is a key running theme is vulnerability, honesty, and finally self-empowerment, with Hannah using this track to make a point that it’s ok to not be ok, and that it’s also more than fine, to speak out about these feelings rather than bottle them up.

Better still, is the feeling of coming out of a toxic situation stronger than before, with a clearer vision of events and who caused them. “Take a breath, I’m not what you expected. Well that’s okay, I’m better off rejected. You take a hit, and then there’s a twist. They tell me I’ll better, better off rejected.”

Both lyrically and sonically, the track perfectly captures how it feels when one half of a couple spawns a misstep that brings a relationship to a screeching halt.  Though a pop track, Hannah Strumner employs an honesty that’s in line with country’s tradition of three chords and the truth. This is however a track that transcends genres. It’s creative, brave and vulnerable in equal measure.

“Better Off Rejected” is a sign of an artist very comfortable in her own skin, flaws included. It showcases a very human, down-to-earth side to her personality that listeners will find incredibly endearing. The candor and relatability of her sublime songwriting ability, along with her gorgeously captivating voice does the rest.

Connect with Hannah Strumner on INSTAGRAM and her music on APPLE MUSIC and YOUTUBE

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