There’s a lot to be thankful for when listening to Groove State’s latest EP 4 track EP, entitled “Light Up The Sky”– a collection of songs that fuses brilliant top-line hooks with compelling production. It’s an ambitious musical mission statement that sounds like the beginning of alternative electro-pop’s next big chapter, teased by a duo who have always been a step ahead of her competitors. The recording is driven heavily by production from DJ Deep G. Famed for creating futuristic pop/electronic hybrids that sound unlike anything else, his style has found a natural home here driving Lisjana vocals, making them weighty and bold. Nonetheless, they both remain the integral ingredients to success – Groove State’s songs are excellent, and delivered with a depth that so sorely lacks from the work of many of their competitors.

“Light Up The Sky” is a particular highlight – a song that rivals “A Million Stars” as the duo’s career-best. But the others here are just as good – namely the brilliant “Light Up The Sky” and the infectious groove of “Unstoppable”.

They are impeccably-crafted songs, full-to-the-brim with ear-worm hooks. In short, this is an ambitious collection of tracks that showcase the talents of everyone involved. Above all else, it’s the sound of artists evolving and taking risks in the process.

In a sea of music that is so often beige and uninspiring it’s artists like Groove State that can always be counted on to provide something that stands out. And they hit the mark every time, as their adventurous, unapologetic approach to driving pop forwards to exciting new ground.

Groove State intelligently pair their clever lyrics against beats that push genres outward, filling in the spaces with hooks and gigantic personality. In fact, “Light Up The Sky” is Groove State’s best work to date. It picks up on their dark electronic vibes but injects what they’ve learnt about top line writing to make it a far more mature and invigorating listen.

Together DJ Deep G and Lisjana complement each other expertly. DJ Deep G pushes the instrumentals as far towards the alterative and retro new wave as possible while Lisjana ushers them gently into the pop and dance world.

It’s this balance that makes Groove State’s sound so engaging. They’re aiming their songs at the pop world but they’re not going to conform for a quick pop hit, making a strong argument for what pop is going to sound like next. “Light Up The Sky” proves Groove State have found a way to deliver the catchy hooks while staying weird and wild.

The EP feels restless, energetic and euphoric. And that’s not even the best part about it. Forget about the old argument that all pop music is the same. “Light Up The Sky” is not the same. It raises the excitement factor to another level.

MORE ABOUT: Australian Indie Electro/Pop group Groove State draw their influences from the likes of Icona Pop, Major Lazer, Sia, Charlie XCX and David Guetta.  The duo consists of Lisjana on vocals, and producer DJ Deep G, who have reached Top 20 USA National Club Chart success (FMQB, DJ Times),  heavy rotation on dance radio airwaves and mix shows around the globe, as well as being a songwriting Finalist in The World’s #1 Songwriting Competition ISC. Groove State’s music has been placed in major TV & Film features, and have secured licensing deals with Nokia, Red Bull, Rip Curl, Sony Entertainment UK (Play Station), Abercrombie & Fitch, and Footlocker, among others.


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