After a short recording hiatus, the award-winning pop-rock newcomer Gliffo, is back on board with his 80’s flavored, funk-tinged, pop-rock single “I Want You” featuring singer and rapper, Yo, of the Berlin pop project HeYoMa. A tribute to Gliffo’s wife, the song again sees the singer unite with his long-standing producer Jörg Sieghart. Gliffo sent Seighart a snippet of melody, who then developed the verse and composed a suitable melody, tailor-made to match the artist’s ideas.

The process took a bit of time due to the physical distance between them, and the restrictions of the last few months. However, the fact that Gliffo and Jörg Sieghart are by now a well-oiled team, ensured that the finished product would be worth the wait.

During this time, Gliffo picked up his second international music award, for last year’s single, “Feel Good The Way you Are”, after having already received an award for his debut single, “Get The Sun In Your Head”, in 2019.

Gliffo’s producer Jörg Sieghart also received a direct notification from the “Song Of The Year Contest” (USA) team, which features a well-known jury of personalities, including Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Alicia Keys, that “Feel Good The Way You Are” had reached the semi-finals, a remarkable feat for a newcomer.

With their spirits already lifted, Gliffo and Jörg Sieghart set about unleashing “I Want You” ft. Yo from HeYoMa into the global market. They infused the song with all the necessary sonic goodness to make a widespread and all-embracing impact, by bringing together nostalgic musical auras and modern production elements.

The result is a song with a throbbing rhythm, rumbling basslines, twisting synth and crunchy guitars, which blend with Gliffo’s resonating tenor and Yo’s edgy urban raps, coupled with his backup singing.

“I Want You” ft. Yo from HeYoMa works best when Gliffo is able to find the elusive sweet spot between charming pop hooks and gritty 80’s verisimilitude, which is surprisingly, almost all of the time, across the sonic canvas. But then Gliffo has always been one to surprise his listeners on every release.

Behind the boards, Jörg Sieghart dials in tons of power in the song’s underbelly, where the drums slap with precision, the fiery guitars squeal with delight, and the basslines push forward in a kinetic motion. Everything about this track screams, “get up and dance!”

The funk-influenced landscape is alive and well in this decade, but is still a bold path for anyone to navigate with true authenticity. Gliffo and Jörg Sieghart have added the funky retro-bounce to their pop-rock sound, and perfectly adapted it for the modern music market.

“I Want You” ft. Yo from HeYoMa holds nothing back and explodes with energy, while Gliffo seems to be the coolest man in the room. His measured vocals resonate with swagger, as he rides the dynamic beat, without ever rising to a scream.

All of a sudden, after his short break from recording and releasing music, on “I Want You” ft. Yo from HeYoMa, Gliffo sounds fully inspired again. He has brought along all the elements of his usual performances, but he has also added some new ones.  Gliffo is ready to rock into 2023 with all his past successes and new aspirations.


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