GG Maximum – “Sister Cousin”

GG Maximum newest release was born out of determination to be the best female Rock & Roll, EDM and Pop sensation from this side of the planet. GG Maximum having to deal with a male dominated environment that is so typical of the music and entertainment industry, she picked up a bass guitar and this is her story:

I am a determined woman when it comes down to what I want. I was sick of depending on other beatmakers and musicians treating me like a shortcoming, nuisance singer because I am type A. I took the reins and now it is better that ever because I am classically trained and hear entire symphonies that I can only write in my head. I use a ton of equal harmony (like ABBA) to emulate the orchestrations. I also rock with hired people virtually but that would not maser well.

I have been doing demos and laundering tracks through drobox from app to app making a darn good mix for what it is with just a phone and headphones. That is how I wrote until mu mixer broke. I have at least 10 good songs that are close to being finished. I even have some blues and use acoustic drum programs as well. I can write a tune (bass and vocals) that is catchy in a few minutes.

I write rhyming poetry so that comes last, after I figure the form and harmonies. Everything you hear is freestyle turned to lyric line part. Because my mixer broke, and I seem to have an ear for production, I purchased and entire modest studio with reason 11, stand up vocal booth. Top notch mic, a model 12, interface, truck driver blankets and staple guns to soundproof he room.

Acoustic shelling, two 27-inch monitors, an engineer workstation credenza, and even some drum mics if I have someone else was to come to record. I left no stone unturned. The best I could afford. I also look pleasing, have that star quality and the video for Mayans is almost out.

GG Maximum “Sister Cousin” and why it was written was explained by the artist herself this way” A lot people act like they’re your friend. The same people really do not care for you. My best friend is genuine and has the best personality so she deserved a song written about her.

“Sister Cousin” is available on all digital stores such as Spotify, ITUNES, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and more. Read the original article here.

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