George M – “Liquid State Of Mind”

George M is a singer-songwriter from Serbia, who is based in Dubai. Singer of a metal band Revolt X and Serbian band, Lates with whom he released 2 albums. His first solo single was released in 2013 but this is the first time that he is actually focusing on his solo work, and every 2 months there will be a new single released on all online platforms. George M is influenced by many genres, and usually combines rock, metal and grunge music with some pop elements in his music. George M fans already know the charm that the singer can lure you in with. The simplicity with which he blends his music, vocals and lyrics has its own unique magic to it that lingers in your head and heart.

As the psychedelic guitar lines on his single, “Liquid State Of Mind” takes you through the verses and choruses, you realize this is not going to get too loud for your ears, as it’s a melodic, harmonic and emotional song.

At which point you have to commend George M for the control that he has over his voice. It hits just the spot in you that it was intended to, and you are lost in the music.

Getting to the technical side of the track, the production is excellent, especially with a sound like George M’s. There’s no losing patience over self-indulgence or pretentious meandering here. Just a tight, sweet and immensely masterful pop and rock crossover track with grungy flavors. Of course, technical proficiency does not equal quality.

Yet fear not, because song writing isn’t about to take a back seat. In fact it’s spot on. The track relies on incredibly dynamic passages that can change from the powerful vocals and harmonies, to the beautiful twin guitar moments.

“Liquid State Of Mind” is a radio-ready cut, but even in this mainstream sound there is a tiny dose of alternative rock that still remains, perhaps primarily in George M’s voice and the loping guitars. You can tell that George M is seeping with potential.

He has done something most artists struggle to do their entire careers. His defined himself with “Liquid State Of Mind”; he has carved a style and sound that’s not only fresh and unique, but layered with the polish that comes only after the release of a plethora of albums and years of experience. The track simply vaults over the impossibly high bar George M set for himself.

Trends come and go and the only form of art that stays – the one that passes the test of time – is the one that embodies soul. Amidst the rock artists that are trying to reach the #1 ranking of whatever charts they follow, there are musicians who simply want to put their heart, their soul, out in their music and this is the music that stays.

“Liquid State Of Mind” is a song that is full of both heart and soul. It is pure pleasure to hear George M, sounding soulful, pure, and bold in an era which has lost many great rock singers.


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