Future Forest – ‘ Nicole’ from the album ‘Shadow Creek’

In a musical landscape increasingly marked by conformity and the mundane, the four-piece Australian outfit, Future Forest, boldly ventures where few dare to tread. Emerging from the heart of Adelaide in 2020 as the brainchild of Jake Keeler, this experimental and progressive rock outfit initially embarked as a solo odyssey. In the short span of time since its inception, Future Forest has quickly evolved into a collective powerhouse, harnessing the talents of Rohan Keeler on drums, John Blunk on bass, and Tyler Abbott wielding guitar and backing vocals. Their journey unfolds through their latest opus, ‘Shadow Creek,’ a concept album that transports listeners to a realm of sonic storytelling unlike any other.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic spectrum of musical luminaries spanning Karnivool, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Yes, early Genesis, Rush, and even the stadium-filling resonance of U2 and Foo Fighters, Future Forest masterfully conjures a captivating symphony of sound that challenges preconceptions. Yet, their uniqueness isn’t merely a product of their influences; it’s a testament to their ability to craft an intricate equilibrium between ethereal melodies, bone-crushing grit and a precise rhythmic execution that lures listeners into their aural splendor.

Released to the eager ears of aficionados on August 18, ‘Shadow Creek’ is a seven-act odyssey that unravels a murder mystery woven into the fabric of a fictional Australian countryside. With a track-list including the evocative ‘A Thousand Miles Behind Me,’ ‘No Accident,’ ‘A New Life For Me,’ ‘Not Alone?,’ ‘Nicole,’  ‘What Wakes Me Here’ and ‘My Name Is Blackening,’ the album spins an enigmatic yarn anchored in the life-altering revelations Henry, our protagonist, discovers as he embarks on a journey to the mysterious depths of Shadow Creek.

“I wanted to write a uniquely Australian story,” reveals Jake Keeler, the virtuoso behind the lyrical and sonic tapestry of Future Forest. What began as a solo endeavor in 2020 matured into a fully-fledged ensemble project, culminating in ‘Shadow Creek.’ Each member’s instrumental prowess enriches the narrative, from Rohan Keeler’s thunderous percussive landscapes to John Blunk’s commanding bass presence and Tyler Abbott’s masterful guitar and vocal harmonies.

‘A Thousand Miles Behind Me,’ the album’s inaugural chapter sets the stage with an eerie, ominous undercurrent. This instrumental track not only exhibits an expansive musical arrangement but delivers a visceral auditory experience, replete with intricate guitar work, immersive keys, and an intoxicating blend of overdrive, percussion, and bass ambience.

‘No Accident,’ in turn, unfurls a dramatic narrative of musical crescendos, a testament to its technical prowess and captivating songwriting. It soars to celestial heights as the vocals ascend, forging an emotional connection that transcends mere sonic appreciation.

‘A New Life For Me’ bolsters the album’s momentum with its bustling, bombastic arrangement, leading into ‘Not Alone,’ a meticulously crafted slow-burning tour de force which is over far too soon. The beguiling melody of ‘Nicole’ weaves seamlessly through bone-crushing guitar riffs, and soaring choruses catapulting listeners into a mesmerizing musical voyage.

‘What Wakes Me Here’ starts gently before building into an epic soundscape with walls of synth, fiery guitars and high-flying vocals. The project closes with the broiling rock grit of ‘My Name Is Blackening’, embellished with ear catching choruses. Throughout ‘Shadow Creek,’ Future Forest marries inspiration with innovation, deftly crafting songs that linger in the recesses of the listener’s mind. Their technical prowess, while undeniable, also allows for the overarching moods and atmospheres that permeate every note.

Future Forest does not just unpack masterful compositions; they imbue them with a character that enthralls, leaving listeners deeply engaged. The band’s live performances further cement their progressive credentials, incorporating theatrical elements and visual effects that synchronize seamlessly with their sonic tapestry.

Future Forest immerse their audience in a multisensory experience that bridges the gap between sound and sight. ‘Shadow Creek’ is a testament to the boundless creativity and storytelling prowess of Future Forest, a band unafraid to venture into the challenging territories of progressive rock.

Future Forest have breathed life into their uniquely Australian narrative, inviting listeners to traverse the enigmatic passages of Shadow Creek’, leaving a trail of unforgettable melodies and indelible stories in their wake. In an era where musical innovation is a rare commodity, Future Forest stands as an example of artistic excellence, inviting us all to explore the immersive sonic landscapes of ‘Shadow Creek.’


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