“Full Confession” by 9ØDAYZ ft. Dee Wolf

The track “Full Confession” by 9ØDAYZ ft. Dee Wolf brings together the unique vocals of Dee Wolf with the perfect blend of pop and EDM sounds. This song is a true masterpiece of modern music that has the potential to rival the greatest dancefloor anthems of our day. With its retro-funk, nu-disco and future pop elements; it’s a three-minute marvel of rhythm, melody, and songwriting excellence, expertly produced by SpindoxMc and Dktr B.

The Impeccable Fusion of Pop and EDM in “Full Confession”

9ØDAYZ’s fusion of dynamic drums, tight basslines, and resonating pianos creates a ruthlessly efficient and contemporary pop sound that is absolutely brilliant. Dee Wolf’s sultry mid-range vocals anchor the verses of the song, while elevating it to new heights in the bridges and choruses. She effortlessly conveys the song’s transformative passion and provides a captivating performance that is hard to ignore.

Bringing Deep Groove and Attitudinal Buoyancy Back to Radio and Clubs

“Full Confession” by 9ØDAYZ ft. Dee Wolf is the perfect example of the kind of dance-pop music that straddles the familiar and the ultra-modern. It is a tune that brings the deep groove and attitudinal buoyancy back to radio and clubs, at a time when we need it most. It’s a testament to the growing respect for pop and dance music as an art form, and a bridge between the genres that refuses to sound like a sellout, to one, or the other.

The Power of Dee Wolf’s Performance

Diletta Pellizzer better known as Dee Wolf is an Italian professional freelance vocalist, teacher, live performer, and writer who has been in the music industry since 2017. Her presence in “Full Confession” by 9ØDAYZ ft. Dee Wolf translates into a strident and consistent offering of immaculate dance-pop music that refuses to forego tight songwriting, excellent musicianship, and a vocal performance that is both kinetic and focused. It’s hard to imagine that a song of this caliber won’t have the impact it deserves.

The Lyrics: An Intense Emotional Expression

The lyrics of “Full Confession” by 9ØDAYZ ft. Dee Wolf express the intense feelings of love and affection towards someone. The first verse sets the stage by pointing out that everyone is passionate about something and that this particular person is the songwriter’s one obsession. The chorus further emphasizes this sentiment with the line “signed my full confession.” The second verse shows the songwriter’s thoughts about the person and highlights the all-consuming nature of their feelings. The final chorus reinforces the idea that the songwriter is willing to give in to temptation and surrender to their feelings, despite any potential consequences. The depth of the devotion is displayed in the line “if loving you ain’t right, in hell I belong.”


“Full Confession” by 9ØDAYZ ft. Dee Wolf is an impressive show of skill and emotion. It captures the feeling of being head-over-heels in love and the willingness to embrace the consequences of following one’s heart. The impeccable fusion of pop and EDM, Dee Wolf’s powerful performance, and the well-crafted lyrics make this song a true crossover anthem of our times.

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