Frank Zozky – “Dreamin”

Frank Zozky is an artist who defies classification. As an emerging independent electronic producer from the Bronx, NY, he has been making waves in the underground music scene for the past five years. Since his debut on Soundcloud, Zozky has released dozens of tracks that showcase his versatility as a producer and his ability to seamlessly blend genres. From house to electro-pop, synthwave to hip-hop, Frank Zozky’s music is a melting pot of sounds and influences.

One of the things that sets Zozky apart from other electronic producers is his fearless approach to experimentation while never foregoing the elements of accessibility. He is not afraid to push boundaries and challenge listeners with his music, somehow always making sure his track could find a place in the mainstream canon.

Frank Zozky’s tracks are often instrumental, but when he does incorporate vocals, they add an extra layer of depth and emotion to his already dynamic soundscapes. If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting in the electronic music scene, Frank Zozky, with his unique blend of mainstream and forward-thinking sounds, is sure to keep you on your toes and leave you wanting more.

There is a strong sense of melody throughout his tracks, which, combined with the dynamic and twisting synthesizer pads, often provide a quite striking counter to the insistent beats. Regardless from which extremity you affront Frank Zozky’s playlist, or in which context – headphones at home, or on the dancefloor at the club – Zozky will keep the momentum of your emotions running high.

From the moment you press play on the anthemic “The Heights”, Zozky unwinds a wall of synths underscored by rumbling basslines, banging drums and a vibe to set your spirits alight. “Wanna” rolls in on schizophrenic drums and zigzagging keys and transformed vocals. “Baby Won’t You Go” sounds like a runaway soundtrack to an action movie.

Frank Zozky flips the template on “Poom Pow”, which he infuses with tropical flavors and rhythms, as well as male vocals. Zozky is creative to be sure, but his also self-assured. He is confident in a way that totally grounds everything you hear, from drumbeats to melodies.

“Getaway” introduces crunchy overdriven, guitars, which contrast the mellifluous vocals before it all leads to an abrupt ending. “Win (You’re a Winner)” has a strong stamp of nostalgia built into it’s DNA, with 80’s sounding synth motifs propelling the sound canvas.

Even though it has a catchy pop-styled vocal, the instrumental foundation of “Dreamin” drives you straight to the dancefloor with its funky house beat. The production is top notch, and smartly unobtrusive, where each instrument is distinct from the other. Frank Zozky focuses on both melody and rhythm and that’s what gives the track it’s edge here.

The latest release single release from Zozky, is “Just Like The Movie” which features a sweetly mellifluous female vocal, underscored by the producer’s usual flair, full of sharp synth-lines, and alternating drum sequences. The new remix version of the song will be released soon.

Frank Zozky’s music unravels in varying flavors and beats where he manages to find a middle ground that satisfies both forward thinkers and casual listeners. Moreover, the atmosphere and vibe his songs provide, is just so alluring.


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