Flora Algera – “Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids”

“Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids” is an extraordinary contemporary, independent music triumph. A fresh, new, individual and exciting record. Overall, it is best described as transcending. It blends its writer’s influences of everything from soft rock to emo-alternative, and folk music. It’s gentle yet striking sounds jangle and weave their way under the singer’s poignant voice, which in turn builds the song’s narrative, depth, and captivating beauty, in spectacular, but understated fashion. The music is particularly refined with superb studio alchemy, which leaves the recording sounding polished, yet vibrantly uncontaminated, while the nuanced singing is a fine balance between elegance and emotion.

It is very hard to believe that “Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids” is the official debut single from singer-songwriter Flora Algera. She sounds so well navigated, confident, and surefooted in her writing and performance.

It obviously does help that the song was produced by accomplished producer William D Lucey, and mastered by Grammy award-winning, Andres Mayo. These collaborators also appear on Flora Algera’s upcoming EP, “I’m Not Scared Enough”, as well as her full-length album, currently in the works.

The uncanny depth and breadth of Flora Algera’s artistry can perhaps be retraced, through her life experiences. A troubled childhood, years of living out of suitcases and journeying across the country, as well as picking up a guitar in a rehabilitation facility – which Algera says, saved her life – is a strong basis for an enquiring mind, a restless soul, and an anxious heart.

These qualities, or afflictions, depending on your point of view, drive Flora Algera’s creativity into a much deeper level of consciousness. All of which can be heard on “Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids”.

Flora Algera  – whose moniker is inspired by the short story “Flowers For Algernon” by Daniel Keyes – is also technically equipped to enhance and execute her artistry at the highest level, having been a competitive opera singer, and working under professionals such as legendary composer John Williams. She was also accepted into the Berklee School of music, though decided to move to California and accept an offer with producer William D Lucey instead.

All of which, brings us right back to the beginning – the absolute essence Flora Algera’s single, “Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids”. This is ultimately a beautiful track that draws on the richness of Algera’s musical blend, which in turn, allows the vocal prowess and beauty of her voice, as well as the profound sensibilities of the lyric sheet, to be placed on full display.

The gentle explosion of notes and sounds throughout the song also paves the way for an aesthetic that is earthy, yet ethereal, filled with components that add authenticity and luster to Flora Algera’s voice, which is a commanding force in its own right.

Flora Algera’s sound is a welcome change from the generic fodder that continues to engulf popular music formats. She conveys an intensity and maturity, in both her songwriting and vocals, which simultaneously brings a hint of affliction and vulnerability, something that Algera does to perfection. As both the technical and artistic perspectives of “Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids” come together and bind, this debut single by Flora Algera can only be considered nothing short of superb.

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Instagram: @floraalgeramusic
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Twiter: @floraalgera
TikTok: @floraalgeraofficial

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