Farron Gordon – “Bad News” from the album “Rockstars In The Making (New Year, New U.S.) (End Of 2021)”

There is an easy, two-step way to making a successful crossover rap and alternative rock album: First, get a forward-thinking and talented underground emcee. Second, find a vocalist with prodigious skills. Farron Gordon and Dev Gajan do an outstanding job of trading rhymes and incorporating soaring male vocals with their rap and rock fusion, giving the album “Rockstars In The Making (New Year, New U.S.) (End Of 2021)” a unique vibe that forces you to move and ask your host, “Hey, what is this?” An amalgam of classic battle rhymes and the resurgence of 2000s alt-rock mentalities, blend into a dense and skilled production that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Melbourne, Florida, based artist, Farron Gordon and has been seriously making music since 2019. Here he takes his music to a higher level with “Rockstars In The Making (New Year, New U.S.) (End Of 2021)”, both in terms of musical construction and subject matter.

On this recording, Farron turns up the volume on everything he has done before. Production-wise, lyrically, and conceptually, the album felt like a big undertaking. And as a result, it contains a lot of music, rhymes and melodies.

“Rockstars In The Making (New Year, New U.S.) (End Of 2021)” is an ambitious album, appealing to the audience’s intellect, pleasure centers, rock convictions, and the deep-seated desire to head-bang with the flow of Farron Gordon’s rhymes.

The opening track, “Bad News”, quickly lays Farron’s aesthetic on the line. Crunching guitar lines, thumping drums, and aggressive melodic vocals explode from the sound system to set the tone for the rest of the album.

“Shocker” makes perfect use of Dev Gajan’s captivating vocal hooks, which borrow from the pop-punk oeuvre. In between, Farron Gordon creates the space to bring some substantial verses. The template switches to a slower tempo on the echoing and soulful “Pressure”, which allows both Dev and Farron to shine brightly. The keys shimmer and resonate powerfully on “Try It”, which is infused with complex and lushly layered vocals.

“Without You” maintains the intense momentum, and the soaring vocals, which are juxtaposed against Farron Gordon’s metered flow. The handclapping rhythm drives the steady beat on “Pillow Talk”, as Farron drops his baritone into a thundering lower range.

Alternative rap and rock aches for the balance that artists like Farron Gordon so effortlessly provide with this album. Farron balances his serious rap content with the desire to create music that can crosses deep within the rock boundaries, without selling out any of his genre’s goals.

Two killer tracks follow, with “Life’s Not Fair” and “What We’re About”. Both Farron Gordon and Dev Gajan pull out their best skills on these mid-tempo bangers, which are overflowing with catchy pop-radio-styled vocal hooks, thoughtful rapping, and earworm beats.

The two artists are opening the doors for a new type of rap style here. As the album moves towards the close, it just seems to grow more majestic. “Lose My Mind” is an epic track, with a hypnotic, repeating guitar motif, a slamming drumbeat and euphoric vocals.

The final track, “Same S” ups the watermark, taking the album towards a high-powered crescendo. The vocals flame up, while the angular guitars chug and grind, before Farron Gordon descends into the mix with his grounded bars to add more substance to a highly inflammable vibe.

Farron Gordon is just getting started and already demonstrating an enviable command of multiple styles. “Rockstars In The Making (New Year, New U.S.) (End Of 2021)” is a promising concept, for a genre already branching out into various avenues. Farron Gordon is a beguiling figure and a shape-shifting artist, who has found the perfect match in Dev Gajan.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/farrongordon1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GordonFarron
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5nJUyl9kk7T6c26N8jnOiq?si=7AzW0IM7TbeVrVgwncKclw
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCUBH-EV9GBt6qKyN60wO2WA
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/hmUgisq9S7Nx3MU77

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