Farrah Mechael – “Scream”

Farrah Mechael’s journey is a magical one. Rising out of Detroit, at a young age she was captivated by the fantasy and whimsy of music.  While most aspiring singers have a notable contemporary artist they looked to for inspiration, Farrah looked to a song from the 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty called “Once Upon a Dream,” an operatic display of Disney enchantment.

This lead to her singing jazz and opera in her teen years, ultimately Farrah found her voice in pop music, combining the melodic romance of her fairy-tale days with an edgy emo backing track.

Farrah’s debut EP entitled “Farrah Please”, is a perfect mix of both uptempo Pop rhythms, downtempo emo vibes, with a dash of of tropical and EDM tones. Flying from her lips and crashing into your eardrums, “Farrah Please” was released to all streaming platforms December 21st 2017.

Underneath the layers, Farrah hopes to inspire everyone who hears her album, to feel as deeply and love as strongly and passionately as she does. Follow Farrah Mechael as she joins the Digi Tour Spring 2018 on 16 dates in a city near you.

Farrah Mechael is on radio rotation “Scream”.





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